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About Lety Altam Photography

Lety is a destination wedding photographer whose focus is the love story of her couples – capturing the in-between moments and what's important to them. Her style is documentary with a touch of editorial to give images a timeless and elegant feel but also capture candid moments that matter. Lety uses a combination of digital and film to give her couples a variety of frames delivered.

Behind The Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

I have always loved taking photos, but I’m a hopeless romantic and getting to capture love stories is what draws me to wedding photography. Getting to tell a story that has so much meaning and turning it into art. Capturing not just a couple’s love story but watching them celebrate with their loved ones is everything to me.

How would you describe your photography style?

A mix of editorial and documentary. My photography overall is meaningful with a timeless and elegant feel.

What inspires you creatively?

Old film photographs and movies. Architecture, people and fashion magazines.

What is it that makes an image magical?

When you can look at an image and feel what you felt at the moment, experiencing the emotions, whether it’s laughter or tears of joy. An image can encapsulate so much; it can capture someone’s first smile but also preserve someone’s last smile. That’s what makes it magical for me—being able to relive the moment.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Ensure you resonate with their style and appreciate their editing techniques before scheduling a call or Zoom meeting to discuss your vision. While asking for sample galleries, keep in mind that each wedding is unique in terms of location, lighting, and vibe. Trust is paramount, as your photographer will be by your side throughout the day; prioritize a sense of comfort. Effective communication is key to ensure a seamless collaboration.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Hard question but Tuscany. Anywhere with natural beauty and cultural architecture.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Lety…

We love Lety’s editorial style, classicism and the old world romance that spills through a lot of her frames. Together with her photojournalistic style, Lety’s work is the perfect mix of artistic, emotive and completely timeless. 

For the couple…

Who wants wedding photographs that feels wildly romantic and forever timeless. Someone who can capture the drama of a location – be it an expansive backdrop or cleverly composed architecture, while finding the same powerful beauty in the simplicity of an emotive portrait.