About Lindley Battle

Striking a balance between timeless elegance, and genuine in-between moments - Lindley's work captures your entire celebration. With a simple, straightforward approach, and a desire to capture people as they truly are - her galleries are filled with unique connections, discreet gazes, and vivacious joy. 

Lindley's fine art background provides her with a keen understanding of light and composition, while she provides a deep understanding about the connection felt between two people, and those they love. Lindley creates genuine portraits that will last a lifetime.

Behind The Brand

How would you describe your photography style?

Honest moments, photographed in a striking and editorial way. My work is very inspired by fashion and fine art, and I love placing a strong emphasis on light and line to craft a beautiful image – but beyond any technical style, I’m always seeking to capture the most honest moments, which is what makes a photograph truly beautiful to me.


What is it that makes an image magical?

I believe that an image is magical if it seamlessly blends the techniques of great photography with the rawness of human emotion and connection.


What advice would you give to the camera-shy couple?

Try not to think about the camera in your face, or the person taking your photo, and instead focus all of your collective energy on connecting authentically with each other. When I’m posing my couples, I tend to try to give them enough direction to get in a comfortable pose, and then I step back and try to encourage them to interact in a way that feels real and natural to them from there.


Do you travel interstate or internationally?

Absolutely. I’m based in the US, but travel across the States and internationally for weddings and fashion campaigns. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph in Europe, North, South, and Central America, and Africa.


As an estimate, how long does your editing process take?

I deliver all of my wedding galleries within six weeks of the wedding day, and always make sure to have sneak peeks available the week after the wedding.


Describe a magical moment from a wedding you’ve photographed…

I think it would be all but impossible to pick one magical moment from my entire career, but I could tell you a hundred little magical moments from every single wedding that I’ve shot. The tears before, during, and after each first look. The exuberant joy as a newly married couple walks back down the aisle together. Every tiny little hand squeeze, tearful laugh, giant hug, and everything in between. Wedding photography isn’t about a formula or a shot list, it’s about the beautiful little moments that happen between two people and the ones around them that they love the most – so there’s never-ending magic in every single wedding day, for me.

Editors Notes

Why we love it…

Channeling her fashion and fine art influences into a photojournalistic approach, Lindley captures real and honest moments of connection in the most timeless way.


For the bride…

Lindley crafts sophisticated mementos for the bride with an appreciation for the finer details. Sentimental and elegant – those who love classical photography will resonate with Lindley’s soulful yet chic frames.


Styling tips…

Let go and trust in Lindley’s exquisite eye for detail – she will capture every stylistic and emotional nuance flawlessly. Let your guard down as you relax into the experience and the magic will follow.