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About Linneys

Established in 1972, Linneys stands proudly as one of Australia's most iconic fine jewellers, weaving a legacy of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. As a multi-generation family-owned manufacturing jeweller, Linneys has become synonymous with luxury, creating exquisite pieces that transcend generations.

With a fully equipped design studio located in Subiaco, Western Australia, Linneys founder, Alan Linney, along with a small team of master artisans, harness their expertise to transform raw precious metals, sparkling gems, and lustrous pearls into wearable works of art. Linneys’ studio workshop serves as the heartbeat of Linneys, where creativity converges with tradition to bring to life jewellery that captivates and endures.

Behind The Brand


What was the spark for beginning your brand?

My father Alan started the brand over 50 years ago. The spark came when he was working for his dad as a watchmaker and felt restricted to repairing watch movements and wanted to start creating. Bernard, my grandfather, suggested he consider becoming a goldsmith in 1966, and he is still on the bench making bespoke jewellery to this day. Growing up we had a jewellery bench at home and I’ve always been interested in art, jewellery and being creative. The spark for me joining the Linneys team was when they asked me to develop CAD design technology for the company which I had been doing at University at the time.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Being a good designer is about doing designs that aren’t necessarily your personal taste, but suit the design brief. My aesthetic when it comes to jewellery goes between asymmetrical and organic forms to more classical and elegant styles. It depends on the intended usage of the piece, with bridal design tending to be more classical and dress jewellery being a bit more open to push the boundaries of design.

What inspires you creatively?

I get inspiration from nature and motivation from exercising. I have an immense appreciation for nature and how flora can create such amazing symmetrical patterns and landscapes can provide raw, unstructured beauty. Customers also provide design challenges which can be inspiring, thinking of new ways to design and create to make a new design work.

What advice can you give to couples when shopping for their engagement ring?

It’s important to try rings on before you decide what style you like. Various online platforms can provide ideas and inspiration, however it is sometimes overwhelming and customers feel like they have to decide what style they like without even trying anything on their finger. We find that customers often visit chasing a particular design, but they end up with something completely different because once they try it on it doesn’t suit their hand or individual style. The other tip is to always try a wedding ring next to your engagement ring! People often buy engagement rings without considering how it will look with a wedding ring or if a wedding ring will fit. We make most of our engagement rings ‘wed-fit’ because it avoids the need for a fitted or curved wedding ring.

What are you drawn to in wedding jewelry right now? What would you like to see less of in your industry?

What would you like to see less of in your industry? I’m seeing a trend towards jewellery as gifts for the bridal party – giving the people closest to you a gift that they treasure for ever. For example, the grooms are giving groomsmen a lapel pin they can wear instead of a flower corsage. I’d like to see less false advertising around synthetic or ‘lab-grown’ diamonds as it is misleading for customers. In the same way that the food industry ‘green-washed’ their packaging and used the word organic on things that aren’t certified as organic, some jewellers are claiming their synthetic diamonds are environmentally friendly and sustainable when it is not true.


Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Blending masterful craftsmanship with artistic ingenuity, Linneys creates alluring fine jewelry that is evocative of the captivating essence and fluidity of Western Australia’s hypnotic landscape. The 50-year-old brand’s exquisite heirlooms are exclusively crafted from beautiful Australian metals and gems.

For the bride…

Perfect for the bride dreaming of an artfully elegant yet iconically Australian design sourced from local materials that will stand the test of time.

Styling tips…

Linneys offers mesmerizing engagement rings that are specifically designed to be paired with a perfectly matched wedding band. Curate your own stack of diamond rings to intimately reflect your individual story.

Credit: Justin Linney, Creative Director, Linneys