About Lisa Madigan

The LISA MADIGAN experience offers exquisite & unique floristry, installations, styling & event management for your day. Travelling to destinations or showcasing close to home. Developing the narrative & aesthetic, from the little details to the large, with love, punch & depth of story.

The LISA MADIGAN studio offers exhibition releases, special events & commissions throughout the year. Luscious oils, limited edition fine art prints & evocative mixed media pieces.

The LISA MADIGAN offering is one of distinct resonance & luxury. Ever open to pushing creative boundaries & exploring stunning new territory.

Substance, the sumptuous & ultimate beauty reign.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Lisa Madigan? Where did your story begin?

Love a good spark. I have always been drawn to create, to connect + push beyond. Living, breathing + working in an aesthetic realm is at the core of who I am. I honestly feel my purpose is to make the world a more beautiful place. Through diving deep into my practice, my profession + my creative offerings.

Working in Weddings is an extension of my artistic practice. It’s a beautiful way to create an entire environment + explore new realms of possibility. There’s so much love flowing, it’s always so impeccably real + special. It’s such a delight to meet loved up couples, who often become friends + bring something special to their journey + celebration together.

I’ve always walked to my own rhythm, people turn left, I’d prefer to explore what’s right, going against the grain, tapping into truth + exploring a new aesthetic.

Rule breaker. Magic maker. Heart puncher. Love inflator. Wow creator.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

Bold. Elegant. Luxurious. Experiential. With edge + heart.

Generosity is at the core of creation for LM. There’s an abundance in the LM signature. A warmth. A raw + beautiful truth. Pushing the boundaries further to create something that is truly magical + memorable + with meaning is always the drive.

Be it in my studio practice or in our event manifestation. It’s magic making. It’s punching people in the hearts in the best possible way.

Looking to new ways forward or reviving the old to pave something unique + ultimately exceptional + timeless on every level.

Truth + beauty reign.


What elements of a wedding do you help with?

Many of my clients come to LM as they’re after something out of the box, they want something that is unique, experiential + exceptional.

We create the aesthetic from the ground up. Full event concept through to creation. Creative direction, styling, floristry, furnishings, lighting design, the small special details + the overall impact.

We either work alongside or at the helm of event management to ensure every detail + the flow of your day is seamless. We work with everyone to bring your day together in the best possible way.

Just want a touch, we can also step in to create one magic focal point. A floral installation, a table setting, the bouquets or look at individual elements where you’re wanting a piece of something super special to pop.

We make the magic tangible, we set the tone + set the scene + bring it all to life.


What advice would you give couples when deciding on a theme or style for their wedding?

Start with your story. Start with your loves. Start with each other.

Be brave in allowing your individuality to shine + be celebrated in a way that is entirely your own. Don’t be afraid to break the mould or break with tradition, create your own, it’s your day.

Decide on the feeling you’re after, what kind of celebration you want. Formal + elegant, a sunrise ceremony + a delicious long brunch or an epic party. What are you drawn to & what’s best going to reflect you both + make you the happiest. Where will that be. Is there a common thread to the things you’re loving. Then if you can, hand it over to the experts.

We absolutely focus on you + your stories + the feel of what you’re after for you day is our driving narrative for the creative process. We find ways to bring that to life. What LM creates is always entirely bespoke, shifting away from trends or superficial decoration, we build your story, we bring it to life, we make it pulse + engage + become a seamless fabric, an extension + aesthetic resonance of your love.

It’s scene setting  + beauty making with an ample amount of magic.

Trust yourselves to make the right decisions + trust the people you engage to be a part of your day, hunt the good ones out that you really connect with. It’s such a personal journey, so bring in the things + people you admire + love to make the wow pop.

A N D – most importantly it is such  an exciting time, so enjoy it + have fun with the process. Have fun sourcing + tasting + trying on + celebrating in the lead up. It’s all so special, so embrace the excitement, enjoy + C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!