About Living For Tomorrow

Living For Tomorrow is an award-winning wedding agency. They have redefined the landscape of luxury weddings through a commitment to sustainability. Their passion lies in pushing boundaries, ensuring every wedding is a uniquely curated design and experience.

Each occasion produced around the globe is meticulously crafted with a conscious commitment to the Earth. Their comprehensive wedding design and planning service provides clients with access to their expert skills, unwavering support, one-of-a-kind design aesthetic and an exclusive network of luxury suppliers. The planning journey with their couples is intricate, ensuring a flawless wedding, authentically mirroring their client’s distinctive vision and style.

Behind the Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

With a collective experience of over 20 years in the industry, we directly witnessed the environmental footprint of the wedding industry, particularly in the realm of luxury events. Prior to co-founding our company, Hannah served as the production manager for a climate change documentary narrated by Kate Winslet. This experience heightened our awareness of the urgent need to integrate sustainability into every facet of modern business. We were determined to showcase that being proactive with sustainable ethics and the luxury market could not only coexist, but elevate weddings to heights beyond anyone’s imagination.

What services do you offer couples?

We offer a full wedding design and planning service where couples have access to our skills, support and offer our expertise from start to finish. This service involves working closely with our clients to design and execute a flawless wedding that is a complete reflection of their unique vision and style. We are present on the day allowing our couples to experience the moment with their family and friends knowing that we have every last detail covered.

We understand that the concept of full service wedding planning varies for each couple so we customize our approach for every wedding we produce. Some may desire active involvement and close collaboration in decision making and design curation while others seek the peace of mind in entrusting the planning to us as the experts, feeling safe in the knowledge that we will bring their dream day to life. Whatever your preference, we deliver unparalleled planning, seamless execution and stress free wedding planning.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Incorporating the beauty of nature. Our signature style is effortlessly elegant, understated and romantic; one of the leading reasons clients choose us as their planners.

As a planner or stylist, what are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

First and foremost, we are inspired by our clients; we find inspiration in every new couple we take on board, how novel and unique they are as individuals.

We are inspired by the intricate beauty of nature, especially as our weddings take place all over the world, meaning an ever-changing landscape that influences our designs. The desert, overlooking the ocean, in the Mexican countryside – each brings a new visual inspiration to us. The captivating designs of architecture, from traditional haciendas to modern minimalist churches, we challenge ourselves to seamlessly blend traditional aesthetics with modern sophistication. From Vera Wang, to the atelier of Emma Beaumont, the rich textures of all materials that are embedded within a wedding celebration, all of these influences inspire our sense of timeless elegance, and is showcased through our designs and concepts in the world of weddings.

What would you like to see less of?

We would like to see less emphasis on excessive materialism and unnecessary extravagance in the wedding industry. Instead, we hope for a shift towards more meaningful, and creatively mindful celebrations that prioritize authenticity, personalization, and the genuine bond between couples and their loved ones whilst still being heavily design focused. This means moving away from the pressure to prioritise extravagance, and focusing more on creating weddings that reflect the unique values and personalities of our clients; being mindful of the environmental and the social impact of our choices.

A styling/planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

Prioritize meaningful details by focusing on incorporating personal touches that are symbolic of your relationship into your decor and styling. Whether it’s showcasing your shared interests, incorporating family traditions, or highlighting special moments in your relationship, these details will add depth and significance to your celebration, making it truly memorable for you and your guests. Finding ways to insert your personalities into the food, design, features throughout the day, the ceremony, even down to the stationery and place settings, will all ensure your wedding is not only incredibly special, but one that guests remember for the rest of their lives.

Editor Notes

Why we love it…

Cultivating a world of sustainability and meticulous detail are just two major reasons we love the team at Living for Tomorrow. Each design is crafted with a commitment to our natural world and an immovable dedication to authenticity of the client and their own needs. The more distinctive the better and as far as we are concerned this is the future of luxury event design at its finest.

For the couple…

If you are interested in sustainable ethics and knowing how every detail is attended to for your big day, this is an agency who understand the concept of full service planning with thought and consciousness, their approach to refined curation with a steady environmental footprint will be sure to shoot to the top of your planning list.


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