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About Loeffler Randall

Creativity is at the heart of everything at Loeffler Randall, aiming to empower and inspire a new creative class of women. As a team, Loeffler Randall love to play and see what we can sew, twist, knot and create out of raw materials. In a world that has become increasingly tech-focused, the brand believes in the power and emotion of human touch. They create shoes and handbags that are designed to be lived in, not kept in a box, for seasons and years to come.

Editor’s Notes


Why we love it… 

A much needed fresh perspective on footwear with playful designs and unique fabrications that make us want to dance the night away.


For the woman…

Who loves a playful, feminine, on trend statement shoe she can wear time and time again.


Styling tips…

These styles are made to be the moment. Pair with a simple slip dress or pant suit for an overall look that is balanced and easy to wear.