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About Love Garden

Our astonishing destination is located in the charming village of Bolonia, surrounded by lush nature and one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Spain.

Your guest list will have the pleasure of enjoying privileged views over the Strait of Gibraltar and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Immerse yourselves in the intimacy of a protected historical setting, away from the city’s hustle and bustle, separated from the ordinary by imposing millennia-old sandstone megaliths and dense pine forests. Undoubtedly, a magical space that will provide the perfect finishing touch to one of the most significant days of your lives.

Behind the Brand

What was the initial spark for the property and how did it all begin?

Let’s start by saying that, being a garden created by an autodidact from emotion and intuition, this garden was born after the early death of my daughter, Isadora. It doesn’t follow any specific design. However, in its meticulous composition and care over the years, we can discern a certain Japanese style in the pruning of some bushes and trees, as well as in the decorative elements sculpted in granite, large rocks, the lake, and the small island—embracing the balance of its asymmetry (high and low areas) and its zen atmosphere.

To reach the garden, visitors ascend three levels of stairs surrounded by native bushes and vegetation, with magnificent stones adorned with pristine white lichens, resembling the brocade of a bridal veil.

Upon reaching the third level, observers enter an unexpected and astonishing 3,000 squared meter oval space, where the air changes its density, embracing us like a devoted maternal womb envelops in warm comfort, akin to love. Here, we step into the cool emerald stage where nature and woman dance the grand dance that generates and celebrates life.

Before us, the garden is divided by a water sheet, a mirror reflecting stones on sunny mornings and stars and the moon on dark nights, illuminating the tranquility of the pond. This small lake is fed by a ferruginous spring year-round, allowing a significant variety of fauna and flora to inhabit and complete their biological cycle.

To crown this idyllic space, five weeping willows elegantly guard the perimeter, while farther from the shore, fruit trees bloom and mature, infusing the air with aromas and colors.

In the middle of the lake, a small island with a bench is observed. To reach it, we cross an imaginary threshold—the Tor gate—marking the separation between the visible and invisible world, the tangible and the ineffable. In this way, we can pause, through calmness, to contemplate such beauty and be carried away to a parallel universe.

Additionally, a circle embedded in the ground with natural stones is dedicated exclusively to the element of fire—a place for memories and forgetfulness, peace beyond uncertainty, or nirvana beyond sorrow.

Various natural umbrellas sculpted with topiary provide pleasant shade while visually transporting us to a deliberately unreal space, a kinder and more fantastical world that sublimates human sordidness.

The southern part of the garden is flanked by Herculean stones. Through the cracks, a bluish light penetrates, playing with the wind and sea breeze, offering a fragmented view of sea and sky, clouds and rain, summer haze, and winter frost. The external filters into the internal; two languages converse, two worlds merge.

In the upper area of the orchard, another spring flows and pools in a natural basin surrounded by towering ancient stones. From this point, a spectacular view unfolds: the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea intersecting with the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar. On clearer days, the city of Tangier and part of the northern coast of Morocco can be seen—cultures and imaginaries of an entire continent so close: Africa.

Love Garden is visual poetry, transmutation, boldness, love… ultimately, a therapeutic gift for the observer, visitor, friend, skeptic, or any accidental tourist who unexpectedly discovers it. In this Eden, the intimate and extraordinary coexist, the original and exotic, the silence of secrets and emotions, and the resonance of what the wind whispers through the branches and the water murmurs.

The garden is in constant evolution, not only due to the changing seasons but because we continue to reclaim spaces, treat wild areas, and sculpt forms that transport us to a peaceful state of things. We thank all those who have made this dream possible, turning us into free spirits for a moment.

My pains are of white butterflies…

My sorrows of lilies and lilies.

(For Isadora)

What spaces do you offer for a wedding or event?

We have a main garden of 5,000 squared meters and one smaller garden, allowing us to accommodate groups of any size

How many guests can you cater for?


What is it that makes your property magic?

The energy of it all…

Editor Notes

Why we love it…

On the cliffs of Southern Spain you’ll find the Love Garden, a spectacular venue that can only be seen to be believed. We love it not just for the remoteness but the way the abstract architecture creates a storybook scenery for the perfect day of our dreams.

For the couple…

Who enjoys the true essence of divine architecture and views to die for, from the manicured shrubbery to the perfectly sculpted sandstone it’s an editorial dream. Made for the duo who plan well in advance, aiming to get ahead of the curve to secure their dream Spanish locale.