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About Marcos Sanchez

With over a decade of experience as a wedding photographer, my love for this craft has only grown stronger. Beyond tradition, weddings represents the core of human connection - the love, family, and friendship that we celebrate. As a father, I understand the importance of preserving fleeting moments for posterity. My goal is to create images that marry refined aesthetics with profound emotional depth, ensuring they remain priceless memories for years to come. With a documentary approach to capture the small yet beautiful moments, and an editorial twist for artistic portraits and details, my photos have a romantic and timeless feel that transports you back to your special day.

Behind The Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

Wedding photography has captured my heart for two reasons that make it hard to imagine doing anything else.

Firstly, it’s all about the powerful sense of connection. Being a part of one of the most intimate and significant days in the lives of couples and their families is an absolute blessing. It’s amazing how I can start off as a stranger, meeting my clients only a couple of times before their big day, and yet, I’m swept up in the whirlwind of emotions. From their sheer happiness to their hopes for the future, and the incredible love that surrounds them from friends and family, it’s a truly beautiful experience to witness. Each wedding is unique, but that profound human connection is universal. In a world where the news can often leave us feeling down, attending weddings every weekend fills me with positive energy that lasts for days.

Secondly, it’s knowing that what I do matters. Beyond the aesthetics, my work holds immense emotional value. The photographs I capture become treasured pieces of a family’s history. They will be cherished for years, and hopefully, passed down through generations. I still remember the joy I felt as a child when I flipped through my parents’ wedding album, the memories and stories it held. Realising that my work contributes to preserve cherished memories for two families carries a tremendous responsibility. But it’s this responsibility that brings me immense satisfaction, knowing that I play a part in shaping a lasting legacy for couples and their families.


How would you describe your photography style?

When it comes to my photography style, I’m all about capturing the genuine moments of a wedding day in an elegant and refined way. I firmly believe that photography is important, but it shouldn’t get in the way of the natural flow of events. My approach is documentary storytelling—I want my photos to be the memories that transport my clients back to the day itself. That means capturing real moments, not orchestrating staged scenes. It’s my responsibility to make those moments look beautiful, and I happily embrace the challenge. On an aesthetic level, I strive for a touch of minimalism in a world that often craves extravagance. I’m always on the lookout for human connection, it’s the emotional thread that brings my images to life and allows viewers to feel the spirit of the day, even if they weren’t physically present.


What inspires you creatively?

Creatively, I find inspiration from a wide range of sources. Movies and music play a significant role. Cinema influences my visual aesthetics, while music sets the tone before a shoot, evoking the right emotions. Traveling to new places, especially as a destination photographer, fuels my creative energy and provides fresh perspectives. Architecture captivates me with its lines, shapes, and textures, that inspire my compositions, adding depth and visual interest to my photographs. Lastly, fashion inspires me to infuse style and elegance into my work. Through these diverse influences, I create captivating images that tell compelling stories.


What is it that makes an image magical?

For me, the true magic of an image lies in its ability to touch people’s hearts. An image can evoke genuine emotions in both those involved and complete strangers. Growing up and interested in photography, I never thought I’d be drawn to wedding photography. But one day, I came across the work of wedding photojournalists who revolutionised the industry in the mid 2000s, like Jeff Ascough, Dennis Reggie, Jerry Ghionis… Their images had an incredible impact on me. I found myself getting emotional, even though I didn’t know the people in the photos. It was a revelation that made me fall in love with wedding photography. The ability to capture moments that touch hearts, evoke joy, nostalgia, love, and even tears… is just pure magic.


What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

When choosing a wedding photographer, my advice is to listen to your heart. Look beyond the trends and focus on finding someone who can capture the genuine emotions, the love, and the connections between you and your loved ones. These are the moments that truly matter and deserve to be preserved.

Remember that long after the wedding day has passed, your dress may get dirty, the flowers will wilt, and the celebrations will become memories. However, the photographs will stand as a timeless reminder of the joy and beauty of that special day. They will be cherished for years to come.

Investing in the right photographer is essential. Trust your instincts. It may be the only cost you regret not making when looking back on your wedding. Choose someone whose images resonate with you on a deep level, someone who has the ability to capture the essence of your love story and create memories for a lifetime.


Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Oh, there are so many dream locations on my list! I’m captivated by places with beautiful architecture that can enhance the visual storytelling of a wedding. In Barcelona, the Corberó house stands out as a dream location. It belonged to an incredible sculptor who turned it into his ultimate masterpiece. The combination of art and architecture there would provide an incredible backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments. Similarly, the Neuendorf House in Mallorca has a captivating design that would be a joy to photograph.

On a completely different note, Venice and Lake Como hold a special allure for me. The romantic atmosphere and timeless beauty of these Italian destinations appeal to me. I haven’t had the chance to shoot there yet, but I can already envision the magical images that could be captured.

Lastly, a wedding in New York City would be a dream come true. It’s one of my favourite cities, and its vibrant energy and iconic landmarks would make for an incredible backdrop. I’ve visited New York before, but I’m eager to have the opportunity to document the love and joy of a wedding in the city.

These are just a few of the dream locations that inspire me, but truth be told, there are countless beautiful places around the world waiting to be explored, so… count me in?

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Marcos…

We love the way destination wedding photographer Marcos Sánchez elegantly tells human stories through profound connections and an evocative sense of place. Marcos emotive photographs are an orchestra of intimacy and cinematic beauty. The Barcelona-based artist works globally. His creative eye combined with his technical ability and cinematic-documentary style has been built over more than ten years capturing destination weddings.


For the couple…

For the couple dreaming of a destination wedding, anywhere in the world. They’ll want a wedding photographer who captures the raw, candid, unscripted scenes that describe the significance and human emotion of the day, for generations to come.


Our Advice…

Marcos said it perfectly, you need to make sure you resonate with your wedding photographer. Reach out to him and connect on your inspirations, your story, and how you want to remember your wedding.