About Mia Sylvia

Mia Sylvia is a fine art textile designer, artist and educator. Mia specializes in the world of natural dyes. Each dye is hand made from ingredients such as plants, flowers, food waste and scrap metals. As an artist, Mia curates sculptural textile centrepieces, ethereal fabric installations, bespoke hand and plant dyed napkins, table runners, and ribbons

Behind the Brand


What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

Creativity has always been deeply rooted in my soul. I studied art and textile design. I have always known I would have my own business, and during my first year of university I began trading at festivals and artisan markets. During my studies as an artist, I specialized in embroidery and then progressed into color theory. I felt uneasy using chemical dyes so researched into the ancient practice of natural dyes. I spent three years harnessing different recipes with colour and natural foraged ingredients and experimented on regenerated textiles and clothing. I would hand dye vintage and second-hand wedding dresses and style my exhibition spaces with textiles. It was at one of these exhibitions that a wedding photographer saw my art and asked me to design a backdrop for a photoshoot. This is when I began immersing myself into the wedding industry.


Your most popular products/hire items?

My fine art fabric installations and table textiles.


What are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

I am inspired by structure, form and negative space. The power of textures that can elevate a table design creating depth and romance.


A décor styling/planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

If you are having a floral installation in a space that does not have a landscape background or minimal backdrop, textiles are so impactful for behind the centrepiece to ensure the floral installation does not get lost into the architecture. It is a soft and subtle way to see all the beautiful floral details.


Tell us about your booking/hiring/online shopping process and what couples should know beforehand.

Clients/couples can contact me via my online contact form. The form submission will have required fields to answer to ensure an accurate quote.

I ask for details afterwards such as:

– Set up/pack down times and dates

– Images of the space(s) you’re using at the venue

– Details on rigging points (nails, beams, hooks)

– Color palette or design images/boards for your ideas (if you have)

– Any images of my previous work you love so I can get an idea for the vibe

– I attach the Table textiles PDF – Let me know what colors you’re looking for and the table layout/measurements so I can work out a cost


Editors Notes

Why we love it…

Mia Sylvia’s visionary fabric installations and sculptural centerpieces transform spaces into otherworldly atmospheres. Wildly beautiful textiles are woven into ethereal works of art that reveal hidden dimensions and exude elegance.

For the couple…

Perfect for the couple wanting to transcend traditional decor and transform their wedding space into something dramatic and impactful yet soft and serene through an elevated and artful approach to fabric installations and elegant textiles.

Styling tips…

Brief your textile artist on the feeling you’d like to evoke in your guests within the space and allow them to design something magical specific to your space, using different materials, shapes and lengths.