Michelle Pourroy Estudio Floral Creativo

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  • Mexico

About Michelle Pourroy Estudio Floral Creativo

Michelle Pourroy is a creative floral studio based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Committed to crafting customized and unique experiences through a deep passion, Michelle Pourroy creates floral designs for gift-giving, events, weddings, editorials and workshops.

At the heart of her work is the unique talent for translating her clients' visions into reality. Nature and art serve as her main sources of inspiration, with textures, colors, and shapes of flowers inspiring to transform spaces and express emotion.

Her creations are marked by a blend of enthusiasm, artistic expression, technical expertise, and a firm commitment to the highest standards of quality.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love The Michelle…

The transformative floral artworks of Michelle Pourroy stop the viewer in their tracks, evoking a sense of emotion. Her vivid imagination brings to life chaotic yet refined installations that are a symphony of skill, creativity and nature.

For the couple…

Daring and bold, she envisions highly-impactful spaces that exude decadence.

Stying tips…

Your venue is your canvas. Think about the available structures, variable heights, shapes and colors. Ask your floral stylist to craft a concept that accentuates your spaces and focuses the journey of your guests