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About Miks Sels

Miks Sels, a wedding photographer operating across Europe and beyond, has been capturing weddings since 2015, having passionately documented over 300 weddings and continues to add to that count. He combines editorial, chic, and modern documentary approaches in his work, emphasizing the creation of artistic, filmy imagery infused with genuine emotions captured naturally. Miks Sels often emphasizes that he functions as a camera-toting guest, striving to seamlessly merge into the scene for the sake of capturing exceptional moments.

Behind The Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

I’m aware of the significance of my photography – how important my photos are to couples and their families. It’s a big responsibility that I really value. My inspiration comes from my grandfather, who spent years taking pictures of important moments. I learned a lot from him when I was growing up.

For ten years, I worked in real estate from 9 to 5, and it was exhausting. But in 2015, I switched to taking pictures at weddings, and it’s been amazing! It makes me feel alive. I get to create art and meet wonderful people. Instead of feeling sad when weddings end, I feel energized. The happiness from the weddings sticks with me for days.


How would you describe your photography style?

I’m drawn to the filmy look of photos just as much as I enjoy experimenting with the sophisticated aesthetics of black-and-white editorial styles. Overall, my wedding photography style can be described as artistic, emotive, and visually captivating, with a focus on storytelling with creative expression. The approach often involves an emphasis on candid and intimate shots, showcasing authentic emotions and genuine connections between two people and simultaneously, it should seamlessly integrate without disrupting the organic progression of events during the wedding day.

If I had to describe my photo style in one word, it’d be “honest!”


What inspires you creatively?

Many things inspire creativity! For me, it’s conversations with people from various backgrounds that often spark new ideas. Additionally, exploring different forms of art, such as movies and visual arts, can trigger creative thoughts. Nature and architecture also play a significant role. There’s something incredibly inspiring about the beauty of the world — the colours, patterns, and sheer diversity of landscapes and humankind-created spaces.


What is it that makes an image magical?

I love movement – it allows for genuine emotions to shine through, reflecting the true spirit of the occasion.

I love minimalism – it distils the essence of a scene, emphasizing simplicity to convey powerful messages or emotions.

A foolproof tip that consistently benefits couples – try to direct your attention away from the camera and the person behind it; channel all your collective energy into genuinely connecting with each other.

And for myself – to stay connected with the couple and keep in motion to authentically capture the essence of the day.


What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Trust your instincts! Make sure to explore the photographer’s website thoroughly to gain a comprehensive understanding of what you can anticipate.

Despite the preference of many of my clients to finalize bookings without a video call, I find that this medium is invaluable for nurturing a profound understanding and forging a stronger connection between the couple and the photographer.

Remember, when the festivities are over, the memories and photographs will be your lasting treasures. So, ensure you make the right choice when selecting your wedding photographer.


Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Africa! Though I’ve yet to visit, the captivating photographs showcasing breathtaking natural vistas with the couple nestled within make it an undoubtedly dreamy location.

The urban pulse of cities like New York, Tokyo, and Paris epitomizes the bustling metropolitan experience. Countless unique and undiscovered wedding venues await exploration!

Italy’s romantic allure holds a special place in my heart. Despite having visited many times, the dream of capturing weddings there remains an annual aspiration.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Miks Sels…

Mik Sels’ hypnotic visuals have us mesmerized. His extensive experience is apparent in every strikingly beautiful frame. Cinematic yet raw and authentic, Mik’s work masterfully captures atmospheric scenes and electric emotion as hearts collide.

For the couple…

They prefer creative and candid over traditional and staged. They desire someone they can trust to create pure magic, to have imagery that remains impactful, beyond their wedding day.

Our advice…

Take up your photographer’s offer to meet face-to-face, get to know each other and find out if the connection feels right. On the day, you’ll know you can relax into the meaning of it all, rather than feeling uncomfortable or lacking trust.