Nick Fouquet

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About Nick Fouquet

The Nick Fouquet brand is an extension of his soul and creativity. It's an unconscious free streaming flow of Nick's designs that come from travel, art, love, family and self. It's a psychedelic bourgeoisie bohemian experience. The collection uses 100% Beaver fur felt which is sustainably harvested. Few hat makers use it.

The boutique is located in Venice Beach, CA. Opened in 2015, they offer ready-to-wear hats, accessories and apparel from the Nick Fouquet line for sale. Customers are also welcome to schedule a custom appointment to create their own unique Nick Fouquet hat.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it… 

Like a rebel without a cause… distressed, rugged, bohemian and effortlessly cool.


For the man…

Who beats to his own drum… a soul seeker, a globe trotter and daredevil at heart.


Styling tips…

Pair a dark feather trimmed style with a leather jacket for an everyday casual look, or opt for a woven raw textured piece on a Summer’s day with a cuffed linen shirt and chinos.