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About Nowboat

Nowboat is the first all-in-one seafaring adventure platform: revolutionizing the travel industry by giving travelers exclusively-curated global sea adventures and supplying environmental NGOs with a reliable fundraising platform. Browse among thousands of curated adventures provided by 468 Operators in 210 destinations.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Nowboat? Where did the story begin?

It happened 4 years ago now, after a Fiji boat vacation. I saw a huge opportunity in the travel adventures sector where in fact there was no aesthetically significant project, but above all healthy, virtuous. I tried to understand what were the problems that the operators were facing and what the demands of the travelers.

So, together with my team we have built a real management tool with which we help tour operators and charter agencies to manage fleet, crews, bookings, communication with customers and marketing. To date, we are revolutionizing the seafaring industry, digitalizing this sector that has not already digitalized, learning and supporting all the actors engaged how to handle their fleet, bookings, and give them marketing and business tools, adding our commitment to the NGOs that support the oceans protection and marine biodiversity.


What inspires you creatively?

The people inspire me. I’m fascinated by people, the human relationship between the people. For this reason, I established with my team personal and strong relationship, we exchange our ideas, thoughts, in Nowboat there is a friendly atmosphere and each of the members are responsible for their area and tasks.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

It was definitely Maria Island. A small island off the coast of Tasmania, I hiked for 4 days and camped and saw wombats, and birds and the most amazing fish. Being so close to nature, in this amazing natural reserve just made me realise how adventures and experiences are truly the only thing you buy that make you richer.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

Obviously on the boat with my family, sailing and doing kitesurf as well. I am trying to avoid spending time on my phone as much as I can, I don’t want my kids to be zombies, I want them to jump, breathe, live fully.


A favorite quote?

We don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children. For this reason, it is of crucial importance to protect the planet, as well as enjoy it with respect.