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About Perfume Playground

We design natural fragrance for brands, people, and places who share our passion for scent’s ability to inspire, connect, and be wholly life-enhancing. We envision a world where everybody feels their best - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

We specialize in designing scent infused with Asia-Pacific Native botanicals, flower essences, and evidence-led aroma blends. Our cruelty-free, sustainable scent is for all genders and is designed to make you feel better than before.

"Perfume is probably the most sophisticated creation one can make; it’s very intellectual. It’s the most valuable product of our spirit." Patricia Nicolai

Behind The Brand

What type of experiences do you offer?

We create custom scents and candles for brides, bridesmaid gifts, loving couples, wedding receptions, and special occasions. We also host magical Sensory Experiences for bridal parties, corporate events, and for family and friends.

We take you on a sensory journey where you can discover, play, and create with us for two to four hours. Enjoy access to a scent bar of natural botanicals from all over the world and locally sourced flower essences. Design a luxury perfume that works beyond the aroma, hand-crafted, and uniquely you.


What would be your ideal bachelorette experience?

A 2-3 hour Scent Design workshop for the bachelorette party to play and create their own natural fragrance they can use during the wedding (and for their everyday life)! Afterward, definitely finishing off with platters, champagne, and French macaroons!


Best time of year/day to experience your service?

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” Henry David Thoreau

We have workshops running in Australia and New Zealand throughout the whole year. However, if there are specific dates you’d like to book in, we’ll organize a private workshop customized to your liking and season; winter, autumn, summer, and spring.


Advice to brides/bridesmaids when planning a bachelorette party?

A bachelorette party should be viewed through the lens of the bride; it’s about having her favorite people around her, to cherish what’s been, what’s coming, and what’s happening now. Ask her what she wants, but surprise and delight her with sensorial stimulation! Natural perfume design is the perfect blend of beauty and wellbeing, of celebration and fun. Who doesn’t want to design a luxury scent for love – just make sure you book ahead.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Fragrance has the power to transport, inspire, and ignite emotion. To connect and hold nostalgia. We love the idea of a scent design class included in your bachelorette party celebrations as a way to create new treasured memories.


For the woman…

Who finds enjoyment in refined and intimate sensory experiences, who might like to create a signature natural scent or be guided in the art of perfumery.


Editor’s tips…

Plan a sensory city weekend away; book ahead so you can surprise your bride with a private class before exploring art galleries and enjoying a long lunch, ending the day with a ballet or orchestra performance. Allow time to connect, converse, and be present with one another before the wedding.