About Rebecca Konrad

Rebecca Konrad is an editorial wedding photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Her approach is to photograph weddings of modern lovers in an elegant, timeless, yet artistic way. Over the past decade, Rebecca has been shooting weddings professionally in Germany and beyond – always seeking the charm in imperfection and the beauty in detail. She firmly believes that love, family, and shared moments define the essence of life and recognizes these elements as the heart of weddings. Dedicated to capturing unfiltered emotions in an aesthetic manner, Rebecca ensures that each photograph evokes the genuine feelings experienced on that special day.

Behind The Brand


What draws you to wedding photography?

There hasn’t been a single wedding in my career that I haven’t looked forward to, and the delightful excitement I still feel on every wedding morning reassures me that I am exactly where I belong. It is such an honor and a special responsibility to create something that will be cherished for generations to come. And not just that – my work becomes the lasting memory for the couple, preserving the essence of their wedding and providing them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in their special day again and again. Knowing this, deeply touches me and reveals the purpose in my work.

How would you describe your photography style?

As a wedding photographer, my approach is an ode to enchanting celebrations, where love and life intertwine seamlessly. I am dedicated to capturing unfiltered emotions, ensuring each photograph evokes the genuine feelings experienced on that special day.
Defined by its timeless elegance and an artistic touch, my style is a delicate blend of unposed, authentic moments captured in a photojournalistic style, coupled with conceptual ideas and modern portraits that carry an editorial twist. I find inspiration in candid moments filled with movement and spontaneity, reflecting the beauty in human connections. Always in pursuit of the charm in imperfection and the beauty in detail, I enhance the documentary by complementing digital photography with a selection of analog highlights.
Ultimately, my goal is to provide an authentic representation of your story. By comprehending your vision, I craft images that not only preserve moments in time but also resonate with the emotions and also the style that define your celebration. Consequently, my work is characterized by an understated and calm style, allowing space for the essence of how it felt.


What inspires you creatively?

Naturally drawn to aesthetics, my photography is inspired by the interplay of light, the nuanced moments of life – both small and grand – and the subtleties of human connections. I draw inspiration from architecture, embracing the simplicity of colors and shapes, as well as from fashion and music. Moreover, the diverse realms of art consistently challenge and shape my creative perspective. The magic of nature with its cycles, scents, and intricate beauty, captivates me; flowers serve as a profound wellspring of inspiration as well.


What is it that makes an image magical?

What makes an image truly magical for me is not only its visual appear but also its capacity to evoke emotions, seamlessly bringing you back to the very moment it was captured. And so it goes beyond being a mere memory for those present; it evolves into a window into the zeitgeist and a fragment of family history that not only resonates with the current generation but also provides insights for generations to come – isn’t this, in essence, a form of magic itself?

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

The choice of a photographer is an essential step in your planning process. Every element of your wedding, from the flowers to the location to the outfits, is ultimately preserved through their work. It is fundamental that the photographer’s visual style seamlessly aligns with your vision. Therefore, you should see yourselves in their portfolio, comprehending and feeling the moments they capture both aesthetically and emotionally.
Furthermore, since you will be spending a significant amount of time with your photographer, it makes sense to prioritize establishing a personal connection and building a foundation of trust. Your photographer should carefully listen to your story and genuinely be interested in your wishes and preferences. On your wedding day, you should be able to enjoy the moment without worrying about your photos, confident that even the smallest and most inconspicuous moments will be forever captured perfectly. The more intimately you can allow your photographer into your world, the more authentic your wedding photos will become. Therefore, it is key that your photographer can seamlessly integrate into your wedding party, providing not only you but also your loved ones with a sense of comfort and security.


Editor’s Notes


Why we love Rebecca…

Rebecca Konrad’s immersive imagery is artfully crafted to incite emotion in present viewers and those yet to come, cherished for generations. Elegantly authentic, every photograph is evocative of a fragment in time, a poetic detail, a moment of human connection.

For the couple…

For couples chasing a unique perspective that is both romantically photojournalistic and editorial in style, merging modern digital aesthetics with nostalgic analogue to create meaningful art.

Our advice…

Put together your dream shot list by finding the photographs that truly make you feel something amongst your photographer’s portfolio of work. Whether it’s the light, movement, moment, composition or raw emotion, work with them to determine your ideal visual story.