About Ruffles and Bells

We are a team of storytellers, dreamers and designers of events helping you make memorable moments one styled celebration at a time.

We style to celebrate, to create memories and let the world know how beautiful life can be and of course, to tell your love story.

Let our passion, imagination and storytelling be our gift to you.

Behind The Brand


What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

From our creative director Eliska: Weddings have always captivated my imagination since childhood. I used to watch my parent’s wedding video on repeat. There’s an enchanting quality to a day dedicated to celebrating the love of two people and creating a day elevated by the harmonious convergence of beautiful elements.

Our venture into wedding planning and styling started in 2009, and since then, we’ve been honored to contribute our expertise to weddings across Australia and around the globe. Working harmoniously with nature in diverse settings, meticulously curating every detail from inception to completion, our passion is to craft an unparalleled experience not only for our couples but also to all the creators involved in a wedding.


What services do you offer couples?

We extend our services in both styling and planning to our couples, catering to discerning tastes of modern romantics in Australia and beyond. The scope of our offerings is tailored to the unique preferences of each couple.


How would you describe your aesthetic?

Ruffles and Bells epitomizes a style characterized by romance and understated elegance. Each meticulously crafted wedding is a unique narrative, artfully designed to immortalise the love story of our couples in a timeless and exquisite manner.


As a planner or stylist, what are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

Our team gains inspiration through our daily encounters, travels and our love for architecture and most importantly, our couples’ story. Our design philosophy embraces innovative thinking, often finding beauty in the inherent surroundings, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.


A styling/planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

Place trust in your vendors and stay authentic to your unique journey as a couple. Trust forms an integral part of the wedding planning journey, and the enchantment unfolds when each vendor illuminates the celebration in their own brilliant art form.

We consistently tell our couples that we stand as guides throughout this journey, urging them to delve into the essence of what truly matters on their special day. Identifying the elements that bring joy, pinpointing moments to be cherished for a lifetime—these are the profound facets we encourage couples to explore. The notion that “it’s all about the details, for us, signifies that every element chosen in styling reflects a genuine portrayal of the couple, meticulously curated to share their story.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Transforming spaces into pure magic, Ruffles & Bells mesmerizing weddings are entwined with unexpected moments and imagination. Inextricably linked with each couple’s own love story, every event is thoughtfully crafted to evoke emotion and wonder amongst guests.

For the couple…

Perfect for couples desiring something out of the ordinary. They want their guests to be enveloped in their modern romance, with every element part of the mosaic of their own story.

Styling tips…

Find the imagery of your planner and stylist’s past work that resonates with you and determine what it is that speaks to you most. Use that as a starting point for working with them to map your vision, for each moment to be brought to life.