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About She Fine Jewellery

Perth-based boutique jewelry house, She Fine Jewellery, specializes in bespoke high-quality fine jewelry. With craftsmanship at the forefront of their mind, each piece is carefully created for the intended user and is lovingly made with intention.

They believe that the jewelry-buying experience should be welcoming, relaxed and memorable for all the right reasons. Each client is guided the whole way through to completion with a thoughtfully sourced and created piece that was intentionally made for the intended couple.

Their small-scale, hands-on approach is designed to capture moments in time and the love between people.

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for beginning your brand?

I’d always had a passion for the craft, starting at the age of 16 after making my first piece of jewelry in School. Fast forward a few years and the main concept came to me as I was playing around with the phrase ‘subtle hint’. The name ‘She’ is an acronym for ‘Subtle Hint Engagement’ and the concept behind this is that clients can either meet with me in person or complete an online profile detailing the specifics of their dream engagement ring, then ‘subtly hint’ to their partner “Cassidy at She Fine Jewellery knows what I would like”. This means that clients are able to have their dream ring without jeopardizing the surprise, and on the flip side, both their partner and I have a smooth process bringing it to life.” – Cassidy Piromanski

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Our process for design is underpinned by traditional creative practices but through a contemporary lens – resulting in a distinct aesthetic and process that is unique to our brand. Being a boutique jewelry house means that we work one-on-one with our clients from beginning to end a common thread.  This helps promote the feeling ‘attainable luxury’ something that we are proud to create for our clients.

What inspires you creatively?

Our design for our everyday jewelry is a blend of our small team’s personal style and those iconic legacy type pieces seen in the ‘High Jewelry Industry’.  Whereas our ceremonial pieces are shaped by what our customers are seeing in their world, both online and on friends and family. It is our clients’ stories that inspire us most, and we take great pride in playing a small part in each one.

What advice can you give to couples when shopping for their engagement ring?

We encourage couples to ‘follow the feeling’ when choosing a jeweler and the design. If they find a jeweler who aligns well with them, in terms of what they value and believe is important, then they are guaranteed to have a beautiful experience and build a great long-term relationship.  The same applies when it comes to the design, this is the time for them follow their gut and choose something they might have loved for a long time, not something they might’ve seen that’s fun or unique.  Of course, there is room for this, but we would encourage them to leave this for a ‘cocktail-type’ ring for the other hand. Choosing or designing a timeless piece will always be a smart move.

What are you drawn to in wedding jewelry right now? What would you like to see less of in your industry?

We’re particularly loving legacy-type pieces, so tennis bracelets and necklaces or our ‘Something Blue’ earrings (launching in Feb 2024) which feature a soft blue Aquamarine and Pearl drop. Pieces that are iconic, timeless and will then be worn again holding all those special memories.

It’s often we have clients bring in their heirloom pieces asking to redesign them completely. Whilst we love a good ‘before and after’ there are some incredibly stunning and unique pieces that we wish we didn’t have to dismantle. We would love to see people’s perception of beauty shift to incorporate those pieces that  they’ve inherited, to wear them proudly knowing it was made so long ago and loved for many years before them.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

A boutique jewelry studio that spills with everything we love about Australian design, She Fine Jewellery creates effortlessly elegant modern engagement rings and wedding jewelry, all meticulously handcrafted to reflect the story of each wearer. We also love their ‘subtle hint’ process, designed to extract the design details that you are drawn to without replacing the surprise of your engagement ring, chosen by your partner. 

For the couple…

Who want modern engagement rings, wedding bands or a special piece to accent their gown (like an exquisite tennis bracelet, necklace, or statement earrings) all handcrafted by a small team in Australia. Shop their ready-made pieces online or have a bespoke piece created especially for you.