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About Skye Carter Photography

Spontaneity, joy, honest raw emotion and exquisite details - you will find it all in Skye’s work. Her evocative images draw you into the frame and speak to your soul.

Skye’s background in fine art and fashion photography is evident in all of her work; poetic details, a dreamy use of light and an intuitive eye for composition are woven throughout her imagery.

Skye moves beyond the expected with an aesthetic that is as intentional as it is organic; creating images, that are as artistic and joyous as they are deep and compelling.

An artist, a poet, a storyteller, a picture taker for the wildly romantic.

Behind The Brand

What draws you wedding photography?

I adore the beauty and unpredictability of natural light, the breath taking scenery and places I get to visit, the insights into family traditions and other cultures, and above all else – the people I meet, the connection. Being witness to the array of emotions displayed on a wedding day is a beautiful privilege.

Be it a chilled out beach ceremony, a glitzy black tie city affair, a backyard shared meal or an intimate mountain elopement, I’m a complete sucker for romance in all forms and I love the challenge of documenting it in the most artistic and beautiful way possible.


How would you describe your photography style?

Honest, emotive, romantic, with a cinematic use of light and a considered attention to detail.

I once read my personality described as “a barometer of the energy in the room”, which can be slightly redundant elsewhere, but when I’m photographing a wedding it becomes my superpower as I use it intuitively to inform how I capture the ambience, the emotion, the light, the interactions. I work intuitively; if the energy of a moment is still, tender, delicate, I capture it from that place; if it is full of unbridled energy and movement and passion and noise, I capture it accordingly.


What inspires you creatively?

Directional sunlight, cold swims in the ocean, being immersed in nature, good music played on vinyl, the feeling at dusk and dawn, the sound of cicadas, Picasso, beautiful architecture and design with sustainability as its core principle.


What is it that makes an image magical?

Synchronicity. Every now and then, in a fleeting moment, everything aligns – the light, the emotion, the movement, the composition – and the photographer is in the perfect position to capture it.

I have often studied magical images I have taken and tried to recreate them but they’re just not the same, so it really was this moment of true magical synchronicity that was captured.


What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

Follow the good vibes – you’ll know which photographer’s images make your heart skip a beat, so if you also get a great vibe from them also, then that’s the winning combination.


Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Italy or France, Greek Islands, anywhere in Europe really!

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Skye Carter…

Skye says synchronicity makes magical images… and there seems to be a whole lot of it present in her work. To us this speaks volumes about her innate ability to anticipate magic moments, or instantly recognize them, and put herself in the perfect place at the perfect time.

For the couple…

Who want a wedding photographer that doesn’t have just a few hero images scattered throughout their work and pulled together into an Instagram feed of highlights. Skye Carter will give you wedding albums filled with magic frames that visually show you how a moment felt.


Our Advice…

For those who want it all – true photojournalism, editorial-style fashion frames and fine art details, Skye Carter’s your girl.