About Studio of Tejasvir

Tejas' love for photography began in a high school darkroom in south Georgia, where the simple magic of a well-printed photograph  ignited his passion. After art school, this led to the creation of his Detroit-based studio. Firm in his belief, Tejas insists on his clients experiencing his photographs firsthand before sharing them online.

Through his imagery, Tejas captures the intimacy of fleeting moments, preserving the symphony of emotions in a way that transcends time. His work is empathetic, intimate, thoughtful, emotive & artful.  Each frame exuding a captivating simplicity that encapsulates layers of intricate emotion and depth. 

The experience of making artful and meaningful photographs for his clients is the fuel that keeps him engaged with his craft and what keeps him personally connected to his clients long after the wedding day -  the wedding day is just the start of a beautiful journey. And he’s along for the ride.


Behind The Brand


What draws you to wedding photography?

Every wedding is a playground of emotion, expression, and legacy. With a camera in hand, I thrive in this environment. I treat each wedding as its own story, its own project. I work hard to understand each couple and the people in their story so I can best preserve their history. Building a rapport with my clients and learning their story allows me to dig deeper as an artist and documentarian.


How would you describe your photography style?

My photographs embody authenticity, emotion, and artistry. With nearly a decade dedicated to mastering this craft, my work draws inspiration from predecessors while narrating stories through my distinct voice. Across the globe, I capture moments that transcend into prints – limited editions cherished by private collectors and galleries. These deeply learned practices have influenced how I approach photographing weddings, infusing each frame with a depth of experience that goes beyond a mere snapshot.


What inspires you creatively?

I have always been inspired by different mediums – film, music, painting, photography – but not only by their product, more so by one’s dedication to their craft and how they end up creating. I find beauty in hearing people’s stories and hearing how they see the world. Seeing another perspective, and having the ability to step into someone else’s world is immensely inspirational to me – just like being able to walk into some of the most important and intimate days of people’s lives.


What is it that makes an image magical?

A timeless image ages with time, capturing a subject bathed in exquisite light and portraying a spectrum of emotions. The composition serves as a portal into the photographer’s perspective, but the magic culminates in imperfections – elements that provoke questions: why this frame, where does this unfold, and what emotions are concealed? In these nuances lies the enchantment, as a magical photograph not only freezes a moment but invites viewers into a realm of curiosity to explore the unseen.


What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer holds a pivotal role, not just in capturing images but in crafting the environment for those moments to unfold. When choosing your wedding photographer, consider this: photographs are a mirror of the photographer themselves. Beyond the portfolio, delve into the person behind the lens. Understanding their humanity, the experiences they bring, and the personal stories they capture  provides profound insight into who will document your wedding. It’s not just about the pictures; it’s about inviting someone with a genuine connection to weave your moments into a visual narrative that resonates with you and your loved ones.


Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Travel has been a source of enlightenment and inspiration for my portfolio. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a wide variety of cultures. From Detroit to New Delhi to Tuscany to Yosemite – I get energy from these unique environments. Most importantly these places provided a backdrop to your love and commitment. I treat my camera as my passport – I feel privileged wherever it takes me.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Studio of Tejasvir…

Studio of Tejasvir’s stirring images are a mosaic of emotion and fleeting moments, masterfully captured through a fine art lens. His lengthy experience working with analog film is evident in every considered frame, an electric combination composition, light and beautiful imperfection.

For the couple…

Perfect for couples with a love of the slow art form of film photography and videography, dreaming of artful, nostalgic imagery they can keep for a lifetime.

Our advice…

Relive the true intensity of your emotions with an evocative wedding video shot on Super8 film, to be passed through the generations of your family alongside your album of prints.