About Tableset Rentals

Tableset is a Luxury Rental Service of Exclusive Tableware Collections. We’ve selected contemporary and vintage products, each one coming from a special tradition and culture.
The aim is to create bespoke and amazing table setting for events, weddings and productions. Based in Ibiza and Italy, we love to enhance the look of your tables and to realize stunning mise-en-place.

Behind The Brand

Your advice for event planning/styling?

To select professional providers to involve from the beginning of planning, especially for destination weddings. Look always at quality and not quantity (not how many weddings a company is able to do, but the way they do them). Focus on details, these are the ones who make the difference and let you create a real bespoke wedding that reflect the couple.


What was the spark for Tableset Rentals? Where did the story begin?

After years of experience in the wedding industry as planners/designer, we noticed a huge gap for the table setting, a gap that a lot of providers in Italy felt as a big problem and a limit for their creations. We thought it was time to get inspired by the market in the States, where there was a strong presence of Wedding Rentals Companies (Casa de Perrin above all), and follow the example starting to collect a selection of pieces with a story behind them. We wouldn’t create a static rental company as many are already existing in Italy, but something with taste, that mixes tradition and cultures, that can help with styling and add a beautiful touch to amazing events. A project that can bring beauty at all levels adding an effort to the Italian and international wedding industry. We started in Ibiza and now present both there and in Italy close to Milan and working all over the country.


What inspires you creatively?

A long list of things: we get inspired from Contemporary Art, Fashion shows, Literature, Music, Design and Architecture, Movies. It’s all about keeping your eyes open and around the corner in the street you can find inspiration.


Most memorable place you’ve travelled?

Mexico, but not only the tourist coasts, we enjoyed the small villages inside it with all those colours and flowers. Impossible to forget about them.


On a typical weekend we’ll find you?

When we’re not hanging around for events from the North to the South of Italy or in Ibiza, sometimes we have a free weekend to enjoy a cool aperitivo in beautiful Milan or to a hidden beach in the north of Ibiza.


A favorite quote?

It’s from a Coldplay song, and it always reminds me of beginning our new company “If you’ll never try, you’ll never know”.