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About Taylor Stuck Photography

Taylor Stuck is a master wedding photographer specializing in weddings across her home state of Oregon, the west coast of the United States, the Hawaiian Islands, and worldwide destinations! With over eleven years of professional industry experience, her philosophy prioritizes relationship through a personally curated experience that further produces intentional art. Taylor takes both a directive and hands-off approach while shooting on both digital and film mediums. She has a natural eye for even the most miniscule details, and her instinctive shooting method transcends the photographic experience beyond anything but ordinary.

Behind The Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

Weddings are an intentional and immersive once-in-a-lifetime experience that is anything but ordinary. All curated with a specific vision, style, and aesthetic in mind, while being mindful of the desired mood, energy, and passion of how each specific experience is meant to feel. The fixation of creating imagery that fully embodies design as well as feeling captivates me in every way!

How would you describe your photography style?

If I had to choose just one word, it would be ‘preserved’. I strive for my work to be reflective of how the wedding day physically looked, and emotionally felt – what existed in real life is what I want to be shown in my work. So much as to feel immediately transported back to the exact moment in time when viewed! In further description, I’d consider my work to bridge the gap between documentary, cinematic, and natural, with editorial edginess.

What inspires you creatively?

Through and through, I am such a lover of natural light! Whether it be indoors or outdoors, I’m constantly inspired by light – either harsh and direct, or soft and ambient. The way lighting glistens on table settings, highlights an individual’s cheekbones, makes the atmosphere glow, or creates engulfing shadows for a natural vignette, is creatively transcending! Additionally, I find inspiration in fashion, architecture, and the other unique characteristics in my surroundings!

What is it that makes an image magical?

There is an elemental aspect of photography that is its own magic – lighting! Though in conjunction with lighting, it’s the medium an image is documented on in which setting is where the real magic shines through. Being a hybrid digital and film photographer means being given the liberty of using your best judgment, even when taking just one photograph, to decipher what medium would best preserve that specific moment. Film is richer, thicker, denser, and nostalgic, while digital imagery is sharp, clear, distinct, and modern. Each format is uniquely its own! The magic comes from the documentary medium that matches the moment, the lighting, the feeling and emotion!

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

The best piece of advice I could possibly give to couples seeking a wedding photographer, is to follow your instincts, and go with whom you naturally gravitate towards! I’ve found that the best imagery comes from the best relationship between the photographer and the subjects! Working with a photographer who possesses a strong foundation of industry knowledge, as well as values, understands, and supports your entire wedding experience, all while displaying a comfortable real-time presence.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

Undoubtedly, Europe has stolen my heart in every way possible! Of all the corners of every country I’ve experienced throughout the continent, my absolute dream location to shoot a wedding would be the Italian countryside. I’ve always found such inspiration in locations of rich history and architecture – somewhere I can immerse myself in the culture and get lost in the surroundings! I come from an Italian and Spanish heritage, so to shoot an Italian wedding would be such a dream come true!

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Taylor…

Wrapped in dreamy light and lyrical movement and intoxicating beauty, Taylor Stuck’s work perfectly translates how a moment felt. She allows you to be intimately close and privy to it all – the melodic trail of a candle’s smoke, the dancing shadows of glass, the dizzying romance of lovers. Poetic and palpable with a style that feels elegant and refined, her work is truly special. 

For the couple…

Who wants someone who won’t just document your day, but will tell stories through layers of detail, always intuitively there in the perfect place, in the perfect moment painting stories with light and shade. We also love that Taylor can switch between both mediums – film or digital.