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About The Letterist

Artfully designed, typographically inspired, and exceptionally crafted wedding & event stationery that is truly a pleasure to have, to hold, and to behold.

Behind The Brand

Do you offer custom bespoke services?



Do you offer pre-designed suites?

Yes. We release between 3-5 new collections a year and strive within each of them to leave plenty of room and flexibility for customization and making them your own.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

Modern, minimal, typographic, artistic, unusual, experimental.


What is the general lead time for your custom/bespoke designs?

4-6 weeks.


What advice would you give couples when designing their wedding invitations?

Your day is about two people uniting, and your stationery should tell that story as a reflection of you both equally. You may have different aesthetic sensibilities, and whilst one of you is probably more interested in design and paper and likely to take charge of the process, take care not to leave your other half out entirely. The most unique and memorable wedding invitations are ones that clearly reflect balance, compromise, and an aesthetic union of two souls.

It’s great that your grandparents are coming to your wedding, but don’t use their eyesight or expectations as a marker for how modern or edgy you can go, or how large your font size needs to be! Allow your stationery to reflect your youth, and get creative in your interpretation of time-honored traditions. If necessary, let’s even design a “safe” invite, just for Nana! But let’s be honest, she’s on her way to your wedding already.

Don’t be too quick to make a switch to emailable invites just because you have a few guests in remote or rustic places where the postal service may not be fast or reliable. Get creative and figure out a way to get your printed invitations to them…they don’t receive mail every day, and precisely for that reason are likely the people who would relish in the gesture the most.

Lastly, hire professionals who you can entrust to worry, obsess, or stress over the details and execution so that you don’t have to. Set your objectives out clearly at the start, and then feel free to loosen the reins and let them create.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Modern, experimental, and boldly passionate, we love the heartfelt and polished work of The Letterist which is refreshingly nonbridal, esteemed by letterforms, and wistfully worded.


For the couple…

Looking for an artist, a poet, and serious talent to produce uniquely memorable celebration stationery that creates a lasting impression with personalized detail that feels authentically ‘you’ as a couple. Also for the couple who might need that extra custom invite for grandparents.


Styling tips…

As a couple, collectively collate your typography and graphic design inspiration, seeking out old signage, books, magazines, film posters, album covers and refine your favorites as a starting place for your stationery designer. Keep in mind the invite will be your guest’s first introduction to your celebration, so be bold and give them something to look forward to.