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About The Woods Photography

The Woods Photography is about capturing both the big and the little moments. Our goal is to create great imagery without making the day revolve around the photography. In our experience our best work comes from allowing the day to flow as spontaneously as possible. Over the past decade the woods has become known for its elegant, authentic and sophisticated photography.

Behind the Brand

What draws you to wedding photography?

I come from a street photography/photojournalism background, in everyday situations it is difficult to shoot freely without people reacting and noticing you as a photographer. The beauty of  photographing a wedding is that you’re expected to be there, this allows for uniquely honest images, the closest I ever get to being invisible.

How would you describe your photography style?

Sophisticated and original.

I like to think I bring my own personality to the work while looking for moments which pass by unnoticed. I’ve learned to compose quickly, taking pride I’m my ability to capture the in-between moments without disrupting the spontaneity or the day.

What inspires you creatively?

The pursuit of a truly special image.

So many photographs are made everyday but a truly great photograph, one that will live beyond the photographer or the people in the image is extreme rare.

A photographer might shoot for 50 years and looking back only say they shot 15 truly great photographs in a whole career.

The feeling when you see one of those exceptional moments unfolding and the exhilaration and fear of missing or capturing that photograph is what keeps me shooting.

What is it that makes an image magical?

When you can keep looking at it over and over and find something new every time.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

I’d say the best photographs are the natural ones so choose a photographer that lets you be yourself and doesn’t let the pictures become more important than the moments.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

The natural history museum in Paris

Editor Notes

Why we love them…

Moody, bold and dynamic, these are the three things that come to our mind when viewing Matt’s work. There are so few artists who are able to capture movement and fluidity with such ease but he makes it look effortless. Every frame is lensed with honesty and clarity and it makes us remember what true craftsmanship looks like. 

For the couple…

You may be the type to like things that are a touch moody and on the poetic side, Matt’s mastery is in taking each moment and slowing it down to suit each couple to their own level of comfort and style. A must for those couples who relish those quieter more intimate moments.