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About This Humid House

This Humid House (THH) was founded in 2017 and is comprised of a team of designers with offices in Singapore and Paris. The studio is dedicated to cultivating the storytelling potential of a language expressed through plants and flowers rooted in context as a way of developing meaning.

Their approach to design thoughtfully considers their clients' cultural heritage and the context of each place, aiming to strike a balance between timelessness and the contemporary. Equal emphasis is placed on finessing shape, volume, colour, line, and texture and on the desire to use living media in fresh and relevant ways to draw the audience into an emotional connection with beauty.

Since its inception, This Humid House has orchestrated weddings ranging from grand, immersive affairs to intimate ceremonies in diverse locations worldwide. Their work has garnered recognition from Vogue, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Monocle, AD Magazine, Le Figaro and the Louis Vuitton City Guide.

Behind the Brand

What was the initial spark for your brand, how did it all begin?

It began with the premise that plants and flowers are powerful storytelling mediums. The studio was founded in hot and humid Singapore, and there was a real opportunity for floral design to evoke an authentic sense of the place. There is much to explore beyond easy cliches and assumptions of what that looks like.

What services do you offer couples?

We provide a comprehensive range of design services, including floral design, event design, styling, and scenography. We collaborate closely with couples and tailor our offerings to suit their requirements. We are as passionate about intimate gatherings as we are about large and grand events!

How would you describe your aesthetic?

It isn’t so much an aesthetic as an approach. We love using local ingredients in unexpected ways, often through playful combinations… the goal here is to delight! There’s also an emphasis on finesse and the craft of floristry in our work.

As a florist, what are you inspired by at the moment in the world of weddings?

The internet has ushered in a new era of celebrations, offering many innovative ideas, from unconventional table layouts to challenging the formats of ceremonies to make them more relevant and meaningful in ways that inspire our designs.

What would you like to see less of?

Floral foam is especially harmful to the environment and our water systems. Not using floral foam has challenged us to develop solutions that have led to breakthroughs in our floral design work and made us more sustainable and better designers.

A styling/planning tip or two you’ve learned along the way that you’d give to any couple?

We encourage couples to consider their events as experiences with fewer cohesive and impactful elements rather than a collection of numerous touch points. Designing from this perspective focuses on the desired outcome of each component and the details that are important to achieving it.

Editor Notes

Why we love it…

Combining an intuitiveness to nature and sentimental approach to beauty, This Humid House is not only a botanical design studio, but an immersive experience of interconnection. They have developed a language through floral design that elevates a space in a personal and bespoke manner. We cannot get enough of the gratitude they show to the simple and refined details, weaved into every arrangement. 

For the couple…

The floral designers at This Humid House understand the delicacy of our environment. This is an experience for those who value a deep connection to the natural world, the sensitivity to changing seasons by creating an intimate and ethereal space.