About Tierra Atacama

Tierra Atacama captures the essence of this unforgettable desert landscape, while also making it both accessible and people-orientated. Your experience of Atacama is made all the more unique through our personalized excursion plan, offering a huge array of activities from horseback riding to volcano hiking, as well as soothing sessions in the Uma Spa, complete with a menu of treatments influenced by the desert climate, native plants and ancient therapies. During your trip to Chile – come to Tierra Atacama Adventure and Spa Hotel, for experiences that will leave you feeling fully restored by the time you leave.

Behind The Brand

Your best advice for honeymoon/vacation planning?

Your honeymoon is your first step into marriage, which means it’s the first opportunity to plant your roots together and mark the beginning of the rest of your lives together.  For your honeymoon (or any vacation for that matter), look for locations and hotels that allow you to put aside your day-to-day distractions, so that you’re able to truly enjoy the company you’re with and open up to new adventures.  All-inclusive properties are ideal, as it means you won’t have to worry about choosing where to eat, figuring out transportation, or carrying around cash with you.    Remote locations are perfect for digital detoxing and re-connecting with nature, yourself and your loved one.  What better way to do that than at one of Tierra Hotels in Chile, where the focus is as much on creating the perfect journey together, as it is on practicing wellness and inspiring romance.


What was the spark for Tierra Hotels? Where did the story begin?

While Miguel Purcell was working in San Pedro de Atacama, he fell in love with the area.  He climbed all the mountains in the area, and bought a plot of abandoned land with the dream of building his own hotel.  Tierra Atacama is his dream made reality.  The hotel developed all the while maintaining the historic adobe walls of the ancient cattle corral, which is part of the area’s history; nurturing the land back to life and re-planting quinoa, fruits and vegetables; using simple, bold architecture that honors the amazing views; and incorporating local materials & craftwork such as stone, woven baskets, and adobe.  The philosophy behind Tierra Atacama was later transferred over to Tierra Patagonia, and most recently to Tierra Chiloé.

At Tierra Hotels, we hold nature in the highest regard, embracing our responsibility to both protect the surrounding landscapes through sustainable practices, and create a deep connection with it in all that we do. Whether it’s the frosted peaks and deep lakes of Patagonia; the infinite starry skies and ethereal energy of Atacama; or the dazzling blue waters and lush, rolling hills of Chiloé; Tierra Adventure and Spa Hotels are at one with the lands that we call home.

A typical weekend at Tierra?

There is so much to experience at each of Tierra’s three locations, with a wide variety of excursions to choose from – soak in the warm, energizing thermal water of the Puritama hot springs in the Atacama Desert; share a cup of tea with the locals while learning about the history and culture of Chiloé Island; take a break from your hike up to the base of Torres del Paine to take in the crisp, fresh air and appreciate the astounding colors that define Patagonia.  You also want to make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy our Uma Spas, and to just hang out and relax in the cozy corners in each hotel.  Take a soak in the Jacuzzi as the sun comes up in the Atacama, sit back with a good book on one of the comfy couches by the copper fireplace in Chiloé, or enjoy a glass of Chilean Carménère in one of the swinging chairs while watching the sky change colors in Patagonia.

Local’s tips / must visit destinations in the area?

The Tatio Geysers are one of the world’s most impressive geothermal sites, and certainly an icon of the Atacama Desert.  Be sure not to snooze your alarm for this excursion, which departs quite early in order to arrive just before sunrise.  Our guides will provide you with a breakfast spread for you to enjoy while marveling at the ethereal, out of this world geysers around you.  You’ll feel like you’ve landed on Mars!

Chiloé is an island, so what better way to explore than by boat?  At Tierra Chiloé, we have our own boat, the Williche, which can take you to the smaller islands off the coast of the main island.  Here you may get to know the locals, try fresh oysters with local fisherman, kayak around the inlets, or ride our smaller Zodiac boat alongside dolphins.

If you consider yourself even moderately physically fit, the hike to the base of the Torres del Paine is an absolute must in Patagonia.  It is a pretty strenuous trek, but well worth it for the view of the three towers at the end, not to mention all of the amazing nature you’ll experience on the way up – twisting lenga trees, magical bright red calafate berry shrubs, guanacos standing guard high up on the ridges, enormous condors flying overhead, and much more.  Plus, our expert guides will go at your pace, keep you engaged the whole way, and always pack lots of snacks so you stay energized!

What to pack for a trip to Tierra?

Layers – at all three hotels, you’ll experience a variety of different climates.  Even in the “hotter” location in the Atacama Desert, temperatures can range from below freezing at night to 90 degrees during the day.  For all locations, you’ll want to bring a good pair of walking or hiking shoes, a jacket, sweater, trousers, fleece, windbreaker, a bathing suit, and a day pack for excursions.  At Tierra Atacama specifically, you’ll also want to include warm weather clothing, such as short-sleeves shirts and shorts.  Please, don’t bring plastic water bottles – as part of Tierra’s sustainability efforts, we’ll provide you with stainless-steel water bottles upon arrival, which you can refill throughout the day at each hotel’s filtered water system, and take home with you at the end of your trip.

A favorite quote?

“Our aim is to ensure your time here is seamless, treasured, and filled with extraordinary memories.” Miguel Purcell, General Manager