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About Turtle Bay Resort

Oahu’s legendary Turtle Bay Resort is nestled along 5 scenic coastline miles of the tropical island’s famed North Shore. Deeply rooted in the land, the history, and the layered richness of the ʻāina for over 50 years, the newly renovated Turtle Bay Resort is the epitome of Hawaiian luxury. Sprawling ocean views from every guest room, exclusive beaches, private ocean bungalows, three pools, a full-service spa, seven dining concepts, a 480-acre onsite farm, and wildly beautiful recreation experiences make up this beautiful Hawaiian wedding venue. 

Behind The Brand Interview

What was the initial spark for the property and how did it all begin?

Built just over 50 years ago, Turtle Bay Resort stands in a category of its own as the only resort along Oahu’s world-famous North Shore. The resort was built with the utmost care for the natural coastline & ensuring all rooms have a view of it.


What spaces do you offer for a wedding or event?

All of our event venues are listed here. Below are the venues that cater to weddings:

  • Kuilima Point
  • Sunset Pavilion
  • Stables
  • Secret Cove


How many guests can you cater for?

Up to 250


What is it that makes your property magic?

Turtle Bay Resort’s dreamlike landscape set on the more remote coast of O’ahu, the North Shore, allows couples and wedding guests to feel a sense of escaping to paradise. The beauty of nature intertwines with the essence of romance, creating a magical setting for an array of enchanting venues that can cater to various wedding styles.

For couples seeking a rustic charm that harmonizes with nature’s splendor, The Stables provide an idyllic backdrop. With its rustic elegance, this venue captures the essence of pastoral beauty, offering a warm and inviting ambiance. If glamour and sophistication are more the preferred style, The Pavilion embodies luxury and intimacy. Its elegant design and natural surroundings at the property’s main point sets the stage for a glamorous celebration, making every moment sparkle with opulence. And for those captivated by the allure of the beach and the laid-back beach culture, Secret Cove is the perfect choice. Nestled along the coastline, this venue exudes the serene beauty of our stunning beachfront, creating a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for an unforgettable seaside ceremony.


What advice can you give couples when selecting their venue?

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is a deeply personal decision, and your initial gut feeling upon seeing Turtle Bay Resort could be a powerful guide. Trusting your instincts when you first lay eyes on a venue is crucial—it often reflects a genuine connection. Pay attention to how you felt when you arrived, the ambiance, the surroundings, and the overall vibe. These initial impressions can speak volumes about whether the venue aligns with your vision for your special day.

Editors Notes

Why we love it…

Secluded island sanctuary Turtle Bay Resort is a serene escape from reality. Its sun-drenched spaces overlook the expansive North Pacific Ocean as undulating waves collapse on the sandy shores and rugged coastline below.

For the bride…

They desire a dreamy destination wedding, drenched in sunlight beneath palm trees, without sacrificing luxury.

Editor’s tips…

Travel to your potential venue and experience everything they have to offer in real life. View each of their spaces and find the one that takes your breath away. If everything else feels right, that might be the place for you.