• United Kingdom

About Vervain

Vervain is a floral design studio based in England, established in 2014. Vervain creates floristry that celebrates the natural fleeting beauty of flowers. Vervain has created work for all types of clients from couples to established brands in every corner of the UK and Europe. Vervain creates work that is an expression of its relationship with nature, being inspired by the surrounding landscape and reflecting the changing seasons. Their style can be best described as ‘Orchestrated Chaos’ in that arrangements are both wild whilst still being considered.

Editors Notes

Why we love it…

Chaotic yet considered, UK-based florist Verain’s wildly beautiful installations and arrangements exude decadence and tranquility. We love the way they’re able to extract from nature and bring to life a hypnotic collision of breathtaking blooms.


For the bride…

Perfect for those desiring something wild and naturally tangled together from sustainably sourced florals and foliage.


Styling tips…

Work with your florist to create unexpected moments of beauty throughout your wedding space through floral artworks designed to appear as if sprouting from the floor, a wall, or a staircase.