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About Vine In The Wild

Vine In The Wild is an independent design-conscious studio specializing in minimalist, contemporary wedding and event stationery.

Concentrating on understated design with a focus on the use of blank space to create considered pieces that reflect the tone of your day. 

Driven by craftsmanship, aesthetics, and the tactile nature of paper, we are a creative team of three that are committed to creating stationery for the design-conscious couple.

Behind The Brand

Do you offer custom bespoke services?

Yes, we work on a limited amount of bespoke commissions each year. After a personal consultation, we then design and create bespoke stationery tailored to our client’s needs.  


Do you offer pre-designed suites?

Yes, we have a full range of suites and on the day pieces that are available as ‘semi-custom’ collections.


How would you describe your style when it comes to your products and services?

Refined, minimal, and contemporary.


What is the general lead time for your custom/bespoke designs?

A full bespoke suite on average takes around 6-8 weeks from concept to delivery.


What advice would you give couples when designing their wedding invitations?

Stationery is a wonderful way to reflect your personality as a couple and is often the first experience your guests will have of your wedding. Choose a stationery designer whose style you resonate with and contact them well in advance of when you would like to send your stationery out. For a bespoke order, the magic happens when you are aligned aesthetically and there is ample time to explore different print techniques, textures, and finishes.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Vine In The Wild is effortlessly decadent in the most classic of ways, contemporary details with artisanal touches. Bespoke and personally tailored tones, we love how they approach modern event stationery with a poetic sensibility juxtaposed by traditional technique.


For the couple…

Luxury stationery for the design-conscious couple who appreciate a clean, refined, elegant, and minimalist aesthetic.


Styling tips…

Ensure your stationery is original, reflective of you as a couple, seamlessly harmonious with your styling and floral designs, and adds to the atmosphere of your celebration both pre-wedding and on the day. Paper choice, inks, embossing, foiling, and calligraphy are all ways to individuate your designs to make them unique to your love story.