About Vitaleta

Vitaleta is part of Dolcevita Valdorcia, a new and fascinating project of widespread hospitality right in the heart of Tuscany Val d’Orcia. The primary objective of Dolcevita Valdorcia is to enhance and support the iconic territory that surrounds it, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.

The great excellences of the Tuscany Val d’Orcia in terms of hospitality, restaurants, catering, events, and weddings joined together under a single cluster with the same unique and distinguishing features: excellence, love for the territory and for the beauty of the region, commitment to creating everlasting emotions in all the visitors, luxury of tranquillity and seclusion

Behind The Brand

What was the initial spark for the property and how did it all begin?

Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of Val d’Orcia, the Vitaleta Chapel stands as a timeless testament to Tuscany’s architectural and cultural heritage. Perched on a gentle hill, this small yet iconic chapel captivates with its simple yet elegant design, featuring a slender bell tower against the backdrop of rolling hills and cypress trees.

Built in the 16th century, the Vitaleta Chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and its charming exterior is adorned with soft hues that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Despite its modest size, the chapel’s interior exudes a serene atmosphere, offering a quiet refuge for contemplation.
The real magic unfolds, especially during sunrise or sunset, when the warm Tuscan light bathes the chapel in a golden glow, creating a truly captivating spectacle. The Vitaleta Chapel, with its timeless charm, serves as an ideal venue for both religious and civil weddings, as well as special events.

This secluded and romantic site is the perfect location to celebrate unforgettable moments in harmony with the surrounding nature and the intrinsic history of this unique place. For this reason, we could not miss the opportunity to allow the couples to celebrate in such a stunning location.

What spaces do you offer for a wedding or event?

The Vitaleta Chapel is the perfect spot for both civil and religious ceremonies.
The Vitaleta Gourmet Restaurant and Vitaleta Ristoro Cafeteria as well as the gardens surrounding the Podere can be reserved in exclusive use for the wedding reception.

How many guests can you cater for?

We can arrange catering for up to 200 guests either in the garden or in the indoor spaces characterized by the typical Tuscan marble and wood.

What is it that makes your property magic?

The iconic location and impressive landscape make Vitaleta a truly magical property, as well as the attention to the details and passion of our knowledgeable staff.

What advice can you give couples when selecting their venue?

Make sure to select the property of your dream not only for the beauty of the location, but also take into high consideration the people managing the property, they must be people to trust and that can deliver the attentive service you are looking for.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Nestled amongst the hills and groves of the ethereal Tuscan countryside sits Vitaleta, the chapel and surrounds stand as a classic sentiment to Tuscany’s architectural and cultural landscape. A secluded and romantic site made for unforgettable moments entrenched with the backdrop of one of Italy’s finest pieces of geography. From the arranged catering to the exclusive use of the Vitaleta restaurant, this pretty much checks all our boxes for luxury destination event refinery.

For the couple…

Looking to immerse themselves in the antiquity and natural splendor of the Tuscan countryside, with all the trimmings of luxury dining and design refinement. The team at Vitaleta know a thing or two about hospitality and endeavour to make sure everyone of their guests feels completely at home away from home.