About Wilder

WILDER is a floral design studio founded by Jordana Simpson born of the instinctive desire to create a connection between space, people, and the world around us.

We bring wild romantic visions to life, inspired by the flowers themselves, the space they are in, and the people who will enjoy them.

WILDER is for those wanting a considered, bespoke approach to flowers, where no creation is the same.

Behind the Brand

What was the spark for Wilder? Where did your story begin?

I have always been driven by creativity. I spent more than a decade working in fashion after studying a Bachelor of Design at the College Of Fine Arts, University of NSW. However, it was my passion side project of floral design that completely stole my heart. My passion for flowers and their unearthed creativity was incontestable, and so WILDER was born.


Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

For me the creativity is endless. The flowers themselves inspire me; their form, beauty, and function are all-consuming. I love working with clients, tapping into their imagination to design and create florals that thrill with uniqueness and are reflective of their dreams, space, and the occasion.


What advice do you give brides when choosing their wedding flowers?

I encourage my clients to invest in the wow factor, the on mass larger pieces that command enthrallment rather than lots of small floral touches everywhere.

Find florists and other suppliers that reflect your style and vision. You will achieve the greatest outcome when everyone is on the same page. Once you settle on the brief let your florist go do their thing, creatively and seasonally.


What style of floristry and flowers are you loving at the moment?

Sustainability sits at the core of WILDER. Where possible we forage, dry, and preserve flowers and foliage. I am loving the longevity of these florals and their creations.

I am also loving color. Bright and bold florals that complement the occasion and have some fun. Ceramics vessels to complete the styling and enthralling installations that set the tone.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Sculpturally artistic with sustainability at the core, we love the fluidity, harmony, and enthralment WILDER stamps on her creations.


For the couple…

Ready to invest trust into an artist who will bring the wow to your celebration in the most carefully considered and poetically atmospheric of ways.


Styling tips…

Once the creative direction and budget are in place, give full creative freedom to your florist to create a unique, not yet seen before installation. When collecting inspiration to show your florist, look outside the realm of other weddings, seek out images from the arts, interiors, decor, and fashion. Dare to be individualistic in your floral dreams.