About Zoë Clark Cakes

Zoë is an internationally renowned teacher, author, and cake artist who specializes in elegant and romantic style wedding cakes, mainly inspired by fashion and florals. She has catered for celebrity, high society, and Royal celebrations, and has taught her techniques to students around the world, both through hands-on workshops and online.

Having spent over 10 years in London where she owned The Cake Parlour, she now lives in Queensland, Australia. Zoë has recently opened a new shop, selling high-end cakes and confectionery, often customized for special events. 

Behind The Brand

What was the spark for Zoë Clark Cakes? Where did your story begin?

Since I was little, I’ve had a passion for art and baking. I used to make all the family celebration cakes with my mum, and soon took over when I was old enough! I studied French and Italian at University but decided I wanted to do something more creative afterward and started working as a pastry chef. After moving to London in 2006, I just happened to walk past a cake shop advertising for a full-time cake decorator. I couldn’t believe it! This was such a great opportunity! I went for the trial and got the job and haven’t looked back. I absolutely love what I do, even after 14 years of intensive work, and am so glad I followed my passion fairly early on.


Explain your creative process when designing your cakes and desserts?

If it’s for a specific event, I always ask clients for inspiration. So, it could be in the form of a mood board or even bringing images, swatches, and stationery along to the consultation. I usually also ask them what designs they have seen that they like, and what it is they like about them. Then I’ll usually draw one or two sketches initially. Often I/we nail it right away, but sometimes there’s a little back and forth until we get it right!


What advice do you have for couples when choosing their cake design?

I always encourage my clients to be original and choose something unique to them. (Hopefully), this is a one time occasion so I think it’s nice to have something super special. However, I am biased of course as a cake maker, especially one who loves to design and make cakes with detail and sugar flowers. At the end of the day, I realize some clients are on a budget, and that cake isn’t that important to them, so I’m happy to create something more simple. While I love the creative part, it’s sometimes nice to just do something simple, knowing the cake itself will taste delicious. For me, that’s really important too.


What is your most popular flavor of cake or dessert?

Its interesting how each time I do a tasting, there’ll be a different favorite selection. If I have to pick, at the moment I’d say Strawberry and Champagne, White Chocolate and Raspberry, Lemon and Elderflower, and Salted Caramel.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love it…

Precision, detailed, and masterfully constructed, Zoë’s dedication to her craft is evident in her every creation.


For the couple…

Looking for a bespoke creation, who appreciate the fine art of cake design and decoration.


Styling tips…

Think past the bounds of tradition with your cake design, opt for a unique sculptural shape, and handcrafted textural surface. To ensure visual balance, keep your color palette in washed-out whites to allow for a refined, elegant finish.