About ZONZO Studio

Over a decade ago, we founded ZONZO Studio, inspired by our distinct paths: Simona's journey from photojournalism to editorial photography, and Angelo's evolution from a passionate photo enthusiast to a professional photographer. 'Zonzo', meaning 'to wander freely' in Italian, perfectly encapsulates our ethos – a blend of travel, culture, genuine storytelling, and a ceaseless quest for beauty, all harmoniously aligned with our core values. Our every choice, both personal and professional, reflects our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. As tireless train travelers and vegans, we infuse our work with sustainability and conscientious living.

Behind The Brand


What draws you to wedding photography?

Its dynamic nature, the opportunity to blend narrative storytelling with editorial finesse. From pure photojournalism to fashion-inspired shots, we embrace the diverse rhythms of a wedding day.

How would you describe your photography style?

We find beauty in the balance. Our work is a dance between light and shadow, infusing each image with depth and dimension for a truly impactful visual narrative.

This duality extends to our fusion of photojournalism’s candidness and raw emotion with the elegance and sophistication of fashion photography. We aim to capture the unscripted, fleeting moments of genuine emotion and beauty.

At the core of our approach is profound attentiveness. We are deeply attuned to our surroundings, intuitively understanding our clients’ emotions and visions. This connection enables us to create images that resonate deeply, not just seen but felt.

Experimentation is also vital in our artistic journey. We constantly explore new techniques, embrace varying perspectives, and challenge the norms of traditional wedding photography. This keeps our job always exciting and aligns with our philosophy of constant evolution, ensuring that every wedding story we tell is as unique as the couple we photograph.

What inspires you creatively?

Our creative inspiration is deeply rooted in our love for Art and History. Our trips feel incomplete if we don’t visit at least one museum! Whether famous museums or hidden gems, we love to explore humanity’s self-representation through the centuries. This historical journey ignites our imagination and influences our creative process.

From a visual standpoint, we get constant inspiration from cinema. Both from classic and contemporary masterpieces. We’re avid movie watchers looking for intriguing storytelling, astonishing use of light, and unique visual aesthetics.

Lastly, our travels around the world are fundamental in broadening our horizons. Each journey brings new experiences, diverse cultures, and fresh perspectives, continuously expanding our creative vision.

What is it that makes an image magical?

An image becomes magical when it transcends mere visuals to evoke deep emotions. It’s about capturing the authenticity of a moment and the unspoken connections between people. The magic lies in the ability to tell a story that resonates with anyone who views the photo, regardless of their personal connection to the moment.

What advice would you give couples when selecting their wedding photographer?

To look beyond the portfolio. Find a photographer whose vision aligns with your own, someone who makes you feel comfortable and understood. It’s essential to choose a photographer who not only has technical skill but also the empathy and intuition to capture the essence of your day.

Your dream location to shoot a wedding?

We’re drawn to places that have soul, a rich history, or an untold story – locations that add another layer to the wedding narrative.

We know our job is unpredictable, and we can’t wait to discover where our next adventure will take us.

Editor’s Notes

Why we love Zonzo…

And sometimes you stumble across artists who capture the beauty of a moment in a way that you can barely put it into words. They summarize that skill so brilliantly too – the rhythms of a wedding day really are so diverse. Understanding the nuances of it all, being so acutely aware of your surroundings and adaptable to what that moment calls for, is what ZONZO Studio does so masterfully. From the quiet drama of a pre-wedding portrait, the magical ambience of candlelight, the vulnerability in candid moments, the dizzying whirl of a dance floor and the artful composition of tablescape styling – ZONZO Studio captures the poetic beauty of it all. 

For the couple…

Who want true storytellers. There’s no compromise in strengths when choosing ZONZO Studio – you don’t have to weigh editorial over emotion, fine art detail over photojournalism, every element they capture is shot in the most potent, poetic way.