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Effortless Summer Suiting

Silk, linen and cotton blends in pale tints perfect for Summer celebrations


For celebrations unfolding in the height of Summer, or across a bleached sandy setting, dark suiting can feel a little out of place. Exuding an effortlessness appropriate to the time of day or year, shades of pale in lightweight textures of cotton, linen and silk offer a perfect alternative to a more traditional formality.

Look for single breasted styles that favour the lightweight Italian method of construction, less padding and structure for a softness of drape and Summery silhouette. Naturally slubby fibres of raw silk or linen and cotton blends add a beautiful texture, further offset when layered with a crisp white shirt (or white tee, for incredibly informal celebrations).

Pair with relaxed loafers in a natural tint of tan or caramel, barefoot on the sand, or a leather sandal, for breezy Milanese style. An open collar extends upon a mood of relaxed effortlessness, but if you do choose a tie, go for a textured knit option, rather than silk.



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