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Elevated Simplicity in Puglia

Photography by Monica Leggio for Assem & Bruno.

Hidden behind the whitewashed walls of Puglia’s Masseria Moroseta, Assem and Bruno’s wedding explored the inimitable allure of European minimalism. Think layered linens and flickering candles, bespoke styling that played off the muted colourway of the Apulian horizon.

Adorned in a custom gown crafted from the finest Italian silk, Assem exchanged vows with Bruno as the villa’s olive trees danced in the sea breeze. As the couple wandered through orchards, guests basked in the afternoon sun, mingling in the limestone courtyard as aperitivo was served.

As dusk set in, brass votives were filled with candles and grouped on stairwells and table tops. Grey linens were set with King White Proteas and dried figs, as hand-scripted menus told of the feast that was to come…


Photography by Monica Leggio.

Our Story

Names / Assem & Bruno

Wedding Date / June 3, 2017

Guest Numbers / 120

Budget / $90,000 USD

How we met…

The evening we met, one of my girlfriends had actually forced me to go out with her for a drink. By chance, we met an old friend (we were all studying together at Bocconi University in Milan some years before) who happened to be with Bruno.

For me and Bruno, it was love at first sight. We spent the night dancing together and having so much fun. We will be forever grateful to our friends Sabrina and Ricardo for giving us such a beautiful (and accidental!) gift.


Our Engagement Story…

We were on holiday in Formentera, Spain. After a day spent on the beach Bruno took me to a hidden nature reserve to watch the sunset. On our way, we stopped by a supermarket, bought some beers and rode our motorcycle through the magnificent landscapes of the island. Once we arrived, we had the aperitivo surrounded by picturesque rocks. We were alone and it felt very peaceful.

He started with sharing his feelings towards me and concluded that he would be the happiest man alive if he could spend the rest of his life together with me. He knelt down and proposed.

When he showed me the ring, a pink gold solitaire diamond-encrusted with a brown diamond, I was totally surprised how it perfectly fit with the golden rocks with every kind of pink and brown undertones, especially under the reflection of the setting sun.

Of course, I said yes! I will cherish that moment forever.


Marriage to us means…

It is a journey to sweeten our days together.