The Lovers

Elle Ferguson & Joel Patfull

Photography by Jennifer Stenglein


Two souls entwined. A knotting of hearts. An intoxicating magic that feels both wildly new and beautifully nostalgic. Elle Ferguson & Joel Patfull share a bond that transcends words. An unspoken knowingness. The language of two lovers. 

A fateful encounter and whirlwind romance turned lovers in sync – Elle and Joel invite The Lane into their Sydney apartment to share the new path they’re forging into married life as a newly engaged couple…

Talent's own clothing (worn throughout), Baby Anything Jewelry (worn throughout).

How did you meet?

The short story of how Joel and I met is through friends. The long story only our nearest and dearest know, however I will tell you this… Joel and I were meant to be together, the universe was sure of it.

What was your first date?

Our first date we refer to as .05 ’cause it was half a date. We went for coffee, but I don’t drink coffee haha! Our first real date was dinner, Joel picked me up from my house with a bunch of flowers like a true gentleman. After dinner, we randomly went bowling and had so much fun! 

Tell us about your love story since…

Our love story is about true love. It’s about two people that were just meant to be together. We were brought together at a moment in time that was just meant to be. There was no holding back, we both just leapt in and are writing the best love story ever!

What does love mean to you?

Elle / Love to me is the greatest gift of all… I love the quote, ‘The greatest gift in life is to love and be loved in return’.

Joel / To me love means being there for each other and supporting each other no matter what.

What is your secret to a successful relationship?

Elle / I don’t think there is a secret, I think it’s really simple. Just love and respect your other half. You’re going through this life together so you need to listen and care.

Joel / I think a successful relationship is one with love and respect. I also think that you have to grow together and evolve as a couple.

What makes the two of you a good match?

Elle / Joel and I are the best match because we are so alike in so many ways. We want the same things and our ethics are in the same place… add that I’m madly in love with him and we are the perfect match!

Joel / What makes us a good match is that we have so much in common. We share the same morals and values and want to experience the same things in life. I truly believe that we are meant to be together and spend our lives together.


What do you love most about each other?

Elle / I adore everything about Joel, he is one of the most beautiful humans I have ever known. He reminds me so much of my grandfather who meant the world to me. Joel is a very, very special man.

Joel / What I love most about Elle is that she is just beautiful inside and out. Most people just see her in pictures, but what they don’t see is that she is the most loving, loyal and generous person I have ever met. She inspires me to be a better person every single day.

What’s a place, a moment or a song that holds a special memory for you and your love story?

Elle / Byron Bay is extremely special to us both. It was special to us as individuals, but now it’s a special place for us as a couple because we got engaged there.

Joel / Our special place is definitely Byron Bay. It was a place that we both had amazing memories of before we met and now we share them together. Getting engaged on the beach at Wategos Beach was a moment I will never forget.

What is a favorite poem, quote or lyric that resonates with your love story?

Elle / “Babes…”

Joel / I played Ed Sheeran – perfect in the car on the way to the beach when we got engaged so now every time I hear it I think of that moment.

Tell us about your engagement…

Our engagement was just perfect… barefoot in Byron Bay at sunset. Joel on the beach and my sister hiding in the bushes… perfection!


Where do the two of you feel most alive together?

Joel and I feel most alive by the beach. Either Byron Bay or Bondi, we just love being barefoot near the ocean. Or the other extreme is LA… it really fills us full of excitement and passion.

Baby Anything Necklace (worn throughout).

Baby Anything Custom Ring (worn throughout).

Tell us about your engagement ring…

My ring is handmade by my sister Lucie of Baby Anything, and designed together by her and Joel. I actually still can’t believe it’s mine! I didn’t have an idea of what my ring would ever look like if I was going to be engaged, I hadn’t really thought of it. This ring just blew me away, it’s perfection and every time I look at it I smile.


Tell us about your wedding plans…

They’re coming along and we are super excited! We will be doing it in our style and our way…  stay tuned.

Photography / Jennifer Stenglein

Creative Direction / Emma Westblade @ The Lane

Talent / Elle Ferguson & Joel Patfull 

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