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An Elegant Italian Wedding in a Historic Villa

Photography by Silvia Roli.

Searching 41 different venues for the perfect Italian wedding location, Manuela & Lorenzo found Villa Borromeo in Lombardy. A historic jewel from the late 17th century, the villa’s neoclassical architecture and frescoed halls set the tone for their elegant celebration. 

Within ornate cathedral walls, Manuela & Lorenzo exchanged vows in ceremony infused with tradition and timelessness. Afterwards, guests celebrated in the sprawling park surrounding the estate, watching as a giant white hot air balloon took flight. 

As night fell, guests were moved through to grand ballroom space where a magical reception dinner unfolded. Artfully capturing every detail in her beautifully unexpected style was photographer Silvia Roli.

Editorial Wedding Photography

Editorial Wedding Photography

Our Story

Names / Manuela Maestroni & Lorenzo Gazzetta

Wedding Date / June 18th, 2022

Guest Numbers / 140


Editorial Wedding Photography

Editorial Wedding Photography-

How We Met

Lorenzo and I met at University while queuing for the same dissertation professor, he had remembered from three years ago, confirming that we were attending the same class (which I do not recall!). This was in 2013 but we did not start dating at the time, since I saw him as a friend, not potentially something more. After discussing our dissertation in April 2014, he went to London for work and once he came back joining a firm located in Milan, we started having lunches together once a week. It took me 6 months to realize that he could be something special to me, so when we had the first date, which I was very skeptical about, but decided “to give it try”. Our relationship started and after one month of dating, I moved to London for work, so we had a 6-year long distance relationship until I came back to Milan and he decided straight after to propose.


Our Engagement Story

It was the coldest, rainy Friday of January 2021, and I decided to come back home after work where I was supposed to welcome my colleague (who is also one of my best friends). Looking at the entrance door I was surprised to see Lorenzo, but I thought it was fine to have drinks with the three of us together. Nevertheless, he had a huge bouquet of red roses, an umbrella, and a backpack, and before saying “welcome back home”, he was already on his knee, he began saying beautiful words (which I could not remember!), and proposing with the classic and most romantic sentence “Would you marry me?”. The only “issue” was me, who started laughing and could not say anything, thinking that it was a joke as I did not see it was coming. After three minutes of laughter and hearing the famous question three times, I said “yes” and he could breathe again!


Marriage To Us Means…

Officially crowning our life together and the promises made so far.

Editorial Wedding Photography

Editorial Wedding Photography

The Setting


Wedding Location

We took four months to visit 41 wedding locations before confirming that the 39th venue was the perfect one for us! I was looking for something different, shabby-chic style, I wanted the Apulia in Bergamo (where I come from) and other difficult requests that unfortunately could not happen.

Villa Borromeo means elegance, sophistication, and spontaneity and it could even offer a Plan B option in case of rain! With different areas to create movement during the entire wedding reception, it was perfect for us. It has a huge park where we could host a hot air balloon to entertain our guests, with historical rooms inside which attract people’s eye and creates a desire to be in a very magical place.



Elegance, sophistication, and spontaneity.



I went to a separate flat where I spent the night before the wedding with my best friend. During the morning of our day, I woke up receiving a beautiful white rose bouquet from my “soon to be” husband, who wanted to wish us a happy life together. My mom, father, and uncle also came in the morning alongside my make-up artists and photographers.



Silvia Roli and Elena Onti were our wedding photographers, and it was love at first sight. Their images are clean, fresh, minimal, and beautifully captured.

Editorial Wedding Photography

Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

With our wedding planner, we created the mood board with the colors that I wished to have – pale pink, burgundy, white, and a minimal touch of gold. We kept decor minimal so as not to distract from the grandeur of the chapel and the ornate surrounds.


Reception Décor

I wanted that elegant touch, so we used white tones and decor where possible, adding colors where needed. That was the rule to be memorable but not over-shadow the wedding location.

Editorial wedding photography

Editorial Wedding Photography

Wedding Planner & Stylist

I was looking at creativity and expertise, attention to detail, someone that could listen, someone who could support, and someone who could be humble. The White Rose Wedding are part of a close-knit team of professionals, selected on the basis of their preparation and ability but also sensitivity, creativity, and personalism, fundamental elements when it comes to important feelings, such as love, which are the basis of marriage.



My wedding flowers were pale pink Peonies in memory of my grandmother, as they were her favorite flowers, and also mine. I wanted everything to reflect and embrace the meaning and the gentleness of the Peony.

Hot Air Balloon

hot air balloon


For our wedding stationery we created a Save The Date, the wedding invitation, and also our wedding website. All of our stationery reflected the same same aesthetic as our wedding. We used pale pink and white tones and italic font to keep the stationery elegant and informative.



We used Kokedama (Japanese for “moss ball”) as our wedding favors – a style of potting plants in the form of a ball of moss, which can be displayed in a dish or suspended in the air. The style comes from a century old traditions exhibiting the exposed root ball of a Bonsai specimen on a plate to highlight its elegant root system.



Our Italian wedding cake was a traditional Millefoglie cake – a thousand layers with milky cream and white chocolate.


Food & Beverages

We served cocktail food for post-ceremony celebrations for a few hours, followed by a seated reception dinner, dessert, cake, and late food. Everything was created by three Michelin star chef Enrico Bartolini. The wine was chosen by my husband, and since I do like Franciacorta’s winery, we had Marchiopolo.

“My wedding flowers were pale pink Peonies in memory of my grandmother, as they were her favorite flowers, and also mine. I wanted everything to reflect and embrace the meaning and the gentleness of the Peony.”

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

My wedding dress was by Italian designer Francesca Piccini. It was a romantic, off-shoulder billowing sleeved dress in silk. My wedding shoes were Manolo Blahnik.


Jewelry & Accessories

For the ceremony I wore pearl and diamond earrings and a cathedral veil. For the reception I wore a headpiece by Saint Beth, and simple diamond studs.


Hair & Makeup

I kept my hair and makeup simple and elegant with hair pulled back into a bun.

Italian Wedding Cake

Editorial wedding photography

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Villa Borromeo

Photography / Silvia Roli

Wedding Planner / The White Rose Wedding

Bride’s Dress / Francesca Piccini

Bride’s Shoes / Manolo Blahnik

Jewelry & Accessories / Saint beth

Catering / Enrico Bartolini


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