Idyllic Italian Opulence at a Lake Como Wedding

Soft hues and lush floral arrangements were evocative of timeless romance against the grandiosity of 16th-century Villa Balbiano at this Lake Como Wedding.

Set within the tranquil lake-front gardens of a historical palazzo, an opulent reception unfolded at Villa Balbiano. The largest private estate on Lake Como, the grandiosity of the 16th-century building made for an idyllic Italian canvas. Soft hues and lush floral arrangements were evocative of timeless romance against the dramatic backdrop of manicured emerald-colored gardens, while the alluring lake and mountains contrasted in the surrounds.

Photographer Thomas Raboteur artfully captured a serene sense of nostalgia and poetic beauty.

lake como wedding

lake como wedding

Villa Balbiano

“The overall creative concept aimed to transport couples to a world of opulence and sophistication, encouraging them to envision their own romantic destination wedding.”

lake como wedding

lake como wedding

“The soft natural light of the lakeside setting added a dreamy and ethereal touch, making every moment captured feel timeless and enchanting.”

Villa Balbiano

lake como wedding

lake como wedding

Janna Brown’s Styling Tips

  • When choosing a venue, opt for picturesque locations with scenic views to enhance the romantic ambiance.
  • Attention to detail is crucial, so consider using handmade or artisanal decor pieces for a unique touch of elegance.
  • Choose your wedding color palette with timeless hues that can be accentuated with subtle touches of gold and silver. These elegant shades will effortlessly blend infusing your celebration with an atmosphere of romance and opulence.

“The boat ride allowed them to bask in the allure of the surroundings, creating unforgettable memories of their dreamy and glamorous wedding experience on the shores of Lake Como.”

Photography / Thomas Raboteur

Planner & Stylist / Janna Brown

Venue / Villa Balbiano

Hair & Makeup / Anna Kalytyak

Stationery / Studio Wrenco

Flowers / David Austin

Bridal Boutique / Alexias Bridal

Gown / Ines Di Santo


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