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A Modern Wedding at Neuendorf House, Majorca

Photography by Puy Cermeño.

Hidden on the Spanish Island of Majorca lies an architectural gem designed by John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin – Neuendorf House. Here, inside sharp, structural walls surrounded by almond and olive groves, Alli & David exchanged their vows.

Washed in clay-toned pigment, Neuendorf House’s bold design needed little styling to accent the space. Alli & David used transparent ghost chairs to line their modern aisle accented with a suspended installation of muted blooms. Post-ceremony guests sipped on bubbles from a decadent champagne tower before the reception dinner space was revealed. Playing with the art of repetition, simple, modern tablescapes in neutral tones stretched through the open-aired space enclosed by towering walls. 

Artfully capturing every detail (truly doing justice to every considered moment) was photographer Puy Cermeño.



Our Story

Names / Alli & David Peter 

Wedding Date / May 19th, 2022 

Guest Numbers / 85



How We Met

We met when I (Alli)  was studying abroad in London in 2017.  I went into a restaurant and sat down directly in front of David on my first week abroad. We started hanging out all the time and became best friends and eventually started dating after I officially moved back after graduation from university. 


Our Engagement Story

I had to go home while living in London for 3 months to sort out some visa issues in 2019, so we did long distance. He was coming that week to my hometown of Nashville, TN to celebrate thanksgiving with my family , as far as I knew he was coming on Monday, little did I know he had already flown on Friday and surprised me on one of my best friends rooftop down on one knee with our favourite song playing. Our families and friends were watching from an adjacent rooftop next door. He also flew out one of my best friends to photograph it. 


Marriage To Us Means…

Everything! To become one and to chose each other every single day. 


Modern wedding

Neuendorf house wedding

“In university I studied interior architecture and had an obsession with John Pawson and his work. I remembered John Pawson had a stunning house in Majorca and I had never seen a wedding happen there at the time but inquired with the owner and she said it was possible.”

The Setting


Wedding Location

In university I studied interior architecture and had an obsession with John Pawson and his work. It took me almost 6 months just to decide which country to get married in as David has roots all over Europe and me in America, but he spent most of his life in Spain, and the first trip we ever went on together was to Mallorca, Spain. So as I started thinking this , I remembered John Pawson had a stunning house there and I had never seen a wedding happen there at the time but inquired with the owner and she said it was possible. 

I immediately found my wedding planner after securing the venue Talia Bell , and she helped us make our dream a reality. My only question was where would I physically walk down the aisle.  At the time the only other option would have been under the trees or in the courtyard , which I knew I wanted the meal in the courtyard so that was off the table. 

Obviously the pool is the standout of the house, so we started looking into ways of making that the isle, and so we covered it and turned it into that! Somehow Talia was able to get the right people  and it was even dreamier than I imagined. 



Modern, aesthetic, minimalistic. I work in fashion and wanted there to be an element of a fashion feel as well. 


First, my mom gave me some really special things, including a custom made robe with lace from her wedding dress , embroidered with her wedding date with my late father, her wedding date with my step dad and now my wedding date. She also gave me a piece she had made from her wedding dress that covered the stems of my bouquet. 

The morning of our wedding all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen came over and we  gave them all their gifts as we started to get ready. The girls  got ready in the master suite of the Neuendorf house which was stunning. Before my makeup started, David came in and we exchanged gifts and letters to each other. As we were getting ready together my sister started playing the song slipping through my fingers, by Abba,  so of course my mom and I were sobbing. Then I gave her and my sister (maid of honour)  their gifts as well. We all had a big breakfast before everything began! 

modern wedding dress

Photography & Videography

Talia had set up a few calls for us about videography and photography, when we saw PUYS work, we knew a thousand percent we wanted her to be our photographer. We loved how unique her style was, it felt like her work was out of a magazine and more creative than what you would expect for wedding shots. She had so many amazing ideas and the pictures turned out better than we could have imagined. Next we chose Tipos for our videography, they embodied everything we wanted, and the video went way beyond our expectations as well. We truly had a dream team.

Majorca wedding venue neuendorf house

modern ceremony seating

Majorca wedding venue neuendorf house

Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

We didn’t use too much decoration other than neutral colored flowers and some candles, really. We chose the venue because of how it was completely amazing in itself, and just wanted a few details to enhance that. Of course the stage over the pool was the biggest adjustment. We had engineers coming the day before in wetsuits setting up the stage which was entertaining! 


Reception Décor

We chose really minimalist plates and cups to once again let the details of the venue stand out. Talia found some really amazing terracotta vases that we had the flowers in which were a beautiful detail. We also had the names of everyone and their seating assignment printed on fabric hanging.  Despite it being May 19th, it actually was very warm on the day of the wedding, so my wedding planner suggested parasols to cover the tables during the lunch, which were actually super lovely. 

modern wedding ceremony

Wedding Planner & Stylist

Talia Bell events, she is who we give all credit to for basically everything. David and I had a very long engagement because of covid, so our initial wedding was March 2021 and was  moved to May 2022. Because of Talia, we didn’t even stress about any aspect of it at all. She truly made every single vision we had come to life but better. We got to fly to Mallorca to meet her the summer before and she organised everything for us from our cake tasting to choosing all decor etc. Every single seemingly impossible thing we wanted or dreamed of, she made happen effortlessly. We couldn’t have done it without her. 



We wanted something simple and neutral as the venue was the only colour we wanted. So we went with white flowers and a few neutrals. My favourite flower moment was the huge arrangement they had hanging above us during the ceremony, believe it or not, I wasn’t even sure what that would look like until the day of, because we fully trusted them, and it was beyond perfect! 

Majorca wedding venue neuendorf house

wedding photography


We had little bottles of Tennessee whiskey, and little candies and items from both of our home countries. Considering a lot of our friends were coming from countries all over Europe and America it was very special to have little pieces from our homes for them to try. 



We once again, chose a minimal-chic style cake, the flavours we had were classic wedding cake and then traditional to Mallorca, a basil flavoured cake, which our guests loved. 


Food & Beverages

We had a sit down meal with servers.  We started with canapés then for the starter had Seabass on citrus basil risotto and dried tomato emulsion.  Next we had beef tenderloin, potato Parmentier, sautéed mushrooms truffle sauce as the main. As the dessert we had an Apple Tatin with bourbon vanilla ice cream as it’s David’s favourite. For a late night snack we had little Spanish tapas served after the dancing. For drinks we had an open bar and Champagne  tower. 

Majorca wedding venue neuendorf house

Majorca wedding venue neuendorf house

Majorca wedding venue neuendorf house

“Our wedding aesthetic was modern and minimalistic. I work in fashion and wanted there to be an element of a fashion feel as well.”

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

I knew I wanted two dresses. One to be more classic and one with a fashion edge. The ceremony dress I chose from a bridal boutique in Nashville with my sister and mom. It was really special and I knew it was perfect, the second dress was one I dreamed about for the longest time, the Danielle Frankel dress. I just so happened to have a call with the Danielle Frankel team the last day they were ever selling the dress I chose, so I decided it was meant to be.  I wore Mach & Mach bow shoes. 



David’s suit was from suit supply! 


Hair & Makeup

I wanted my hair to be simple and elegant to let the dresses have their moment. My inspiration was Hailey Biebers wedding hair. My makeup I wanted to be glam but still natural looking, which Lauren did an amazing job at accomplishing both. 

neuendorf house wedding

The Details


We had the Voss Bros play live Music for cocktail hour, then for the party we had Lo Music as a DJ, as well as Lahox DJ. We ended the night with a saxophone player coming which was an amazing touch. 



This was something that was really special to us, because we got legally married in America before the wedding, we had one of our best friends, Caleb, do the ceremony. He did an outstanding job as wedding celebrant! 

Our Advice


A memorable moment…

The most memorable moment for me was during the father daughter dance. My dad passed away from ALS when I was 11, and I have an amazing step dad that raised me since I was 12 that I knew I’d dance with. However, as I stepped out onto the dance floor, my mom surprised me with my dad’s favourite song playing, with snippets of his voice she took from videos, playing throughout the song  as I danced with my step dad. Then my brothers surprised me by coming in to join in on the dancing and we ended the song with my dads father dancing with me which was beyond special. 


Another memorable moment…

David and I had our bachelorette and bachelor party the week of the wedding so our friends wouldn’t have to fly out twice. The boys did wine tastings and dinner at Cap Rocat while the girls had a pool day with cocktails, wigs and gifts and we made a synchronised dance to ‘Mamma Mia’ and preformed it at the dance party at the wedding! 

One thing I wish I knew before I started my wedding plans…

Hiring a wedding planner was the best decision we made, otherwise I wouldn’t change a single thing except remember to enjoy every single second even more! 


If I could give other brides to be one piece of advice…

Take in  every single moment, if I could go back and relive it all again I would in a heart beat! 

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Neuendorf House 

Wedding Stylist & Planner / Talia Bell Events 

Photography / Puy Cermeño 

Videography / Tipos Net 

Bride’s Dress / Danielle Frankel 

Bride’s Shoes / Mach & Mach 

Groom’s Formal Wear / Suit Supply 

Wedding Rings / Custom

Hair & Makeup / Lauren Mallorca

Florist / Deblanc 

Catering & Cake / Tot a Punt 

Celebrant / Caleb Kemp 

Honeymoon Destination / Spain & Portugal 

Entertainment / Lo Music & Lahox 



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