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A harmonious balance of simplistic silhouettes and earthen textures



Minimal, modern, light, airy, raw, sculptural.



A dreamy palette of ivory, fresh whites, cool greys and muted taupe with natural untouched textures of stone and clay.



A blank canvas of gallery aspirations; an open plan space with architectural finesse. White rendered walls, cool concrete floors, stone features, flooding daylight, high ceilings and awe-inspiring archways make way for a modern, minimal ceremony.



Transparent ghost chairs will add to the lightness of the space or opt for simple white long plinth bench blocks for a more minimal, cleaner aesthetic. Style with sculptural large blooms like magnolias or orchids, or choose something a little more unexpected like a glass vase of twigs, lunaria’s or dried reeds styled sparingly to add a textural contemporary feel. Come reception, drape crinkled linens or cheese cloth over tables or walls to soften or divide the space. Layer stacked ceramics in earthen tones and handmade handwritten name tags for a natural touch.



An elegantly refined tailored dress or two piece set perfect for the modern bride. Beautiful details of knotting and gathering in crisp fabrics and simplistic in nature add a unique touch, a la Celine and Calvin Klein. Style with a low effortless undone bun and with a fresh light dewy complexion. Keep the palette tonal with bridesmaids dressed in simple matching minimal ivory midis and the groom in grey.


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