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Natural Flower Girl Dressing with Yöli & Otis

Childrenswear designer Lena Catterick of Yöli & Otis shares her top tips for a lighter, more effortless & eco-conscious approach to flower girl styling.

With the dawn of the new decade, we welcomed a new sensibility to dressing; a lighter, more effortless and eco-conscious approach for flower girls. Garish fabrics, overtly frou-frou trimmings and overdone (and frankly outdated) ball gown silhouettes made way for the more natural and timeless, a reflection of the modern woman’s shifting values. Think hand dyed organic linens and soft cottons, earthen palettes and simple, effortless cuts all steeped in a certain bohemian allure and rooted in sustainable practices.

We chat with Lena Catterick, co-founder and designer of childrenswear brand Yoli & Otis for her five most valuable tips to keep in mind when styling flower girls to achieve this authentic and natural look.

Opt for Timeless Design

Classic cuts and minimal details ensure flower girl dresses will always be loved, worn and appreciated, even after the wedding. A timeless design belongs to both its space and its environment, and nature is the ideal source of inspiration for a timeless, effortless flower girl look.

Consider Length

It is important to bear in mind that the flower girl tradition is meaningful and has a purpose, they represent purity and innocence. Always keep the length below the knee for a more playful, but elegant effect. A short dress can be uncomfortable for the flower girl and in most cases flower girls are young little ones, under the age of seven.

Choose Color Wisely

An earthy, neutral palette of white, beige, natural, sage and grey are all easy to work with when pairing with the bride and bridesmaid’s gowns and compliments simple yet chic designs perfectly. Where possible, opt for organic and plant-dyed styles, this way you will reduce the impact modern day dyeing has on not only the planet, but our children and the production and manufacturing chain as well.

Yoli & Otis

Wear Natural Fibres

Whether it’s a beach or countryside wedding, natural fibres like linen and cotton allow the fabric to breath without retaining heat. This means the flower girl can feel comfortable throughout the day regardless of the weather. It’s also a much better option when making a conscious choice to reduce your chemical waste and practice sustainable consumption.

Shop Consciously

Look for a dress that can be worn to other occasions after the wedding. One that can be passed down to other generations within the family making the dress even more special. Also, try to choose sustainable and timeless pieces always encouraging a movement against fast fashion.

Yoli & Otis



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