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Sheree Commerford’s Alternate Take on Flower Girl Styling

Unexpected styling from the beauty behind Captain & the Gypsy Kid

Responsible for some of the most whimsical and beautifully unexpected styling in the realm of children and adults alike, Sheree Commeford’s magical universe offers endless inspiration for a fresh approach to dressing flowergirls. Realised through the digital pages of Captain and the Gypsy Kid, her world is one of editorial adventure brought to life through fashion, travel, family portraits and creative collaborations…a world where our breath is always held waiting for the next instalment.


The eternally chic, chameleon-like mother of two (who partners ballgowns and boots with the kind of sartorial ease mere mortals can only dream of carrying in denim and a tee), has long fascinated us with such effortless juxtapositions of style.  Keen to mine her advice and knowledge on this signature approach, find Sheree’s 5 best tips on the art of unexpected flowergirl styling…

Do not be afraid to ignore trends

Let your mind run wild and enjoy the opportunity to be creative in a way that you normally wouldn’t. If you struggle to step outside tradition but really want to, this is the perfect place to start. If you’re worried about what other people think (which you shouldn’t) remember a flower girl is a crowd pleaser and they can pretty much wear anything and look adorable, so go for gold.


Let girls be girls

I cannot stand when young girls and toddlers look like miniature brides with makeup and overset hair. Remember they are children not mini brides. 

Age counts

Take into consideration the age of the flower girls. Babies really need to be comfortable and either cool or warm depending on the weather. If the girls are older I would include them in the process so they are excited about what they are going to wear as potentially closer to the day they might refuse to join the party, literally. 


No rule book

The coolest thing about this is your budget can be as big or little as you want. A ballet leotard, a spiderman dress up, a piece of tulle from the fabric shop, no shoes etc. 

Simple or dramatic

If all the options are getting too confusing ask yourself are you looking for SIMPLE or DRAMATIC. Everything really falls into those two categories. Once you have decided what represents you the most then go from there. Eg Simple – no shoes, flowers picked from the garden in the hair and a white vintage nightdress. Dramatic – Dress your flower girls in boy tuxedo’s and suits or mix the top half of a suit that includes all the trimming (waistcoats, bow ties, top hats) with an oversized tulle skirt and doc martins.


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