Kona Village, A Rosewood Resort

A treasure on the iconic Big Island of Hawaii, Kona Village, A Rosewood Resort, offers a myriad of magical wedding spaces against a palette of volcanic lava flow and jeweled seas. 

Volcanic stone is lapped by emerald seas. Molten and magical, its moody shores lit by a thousand glittering stars. Meandering footprints sink into blackened sand dissolving each night with the collapse of waves, yet imprinted forever into storied grounds.

hawaii wedding venues

You could come here without knowing the history, and still feel its visceral pulse. Invisible, yet palpable. It’s a beauty that stems from somewhere far deeper than aesthetics. 

Amongst a palette of jeweled seas, blackened sand beaches and molten stone lie a treasure on the volcanic Big Island of Hawaii. Reimagined from the remnants of an iconic hideaway after over a decade of stillness, Kona Village, A Rosewood Resort, is a destination that spills with story and soul. Dotted along the sacred shores of Kahuwai Bay, the resort is a manifestation seven years in the making, approached with careful consideration of its past and a vision to carry its magic on for years to come. 

With a deep affinity for the nuanced beauty of the island, Hawaii-raised architect, Greg Warner and San Francisco-based interior design firm, NICOLEHOLLIS were the visionary duo to bring it to life alongside development firm, Kennedy Wilson. Merging the collective insights of local artists, craftsmen, environmentalists, engineers, cultural and community leaders, what transpired is an elevated sanctuary that echoes the heartbeat of the original property. 

“A palette of molten lava and jeweled seas had us dreaming up editorial shoots and destination wedding styling that needed to unfold here. Both earthen and otherworldly, its rawness and magical ambience is pure poetry.”

hawaii wedding venues

Arriving after sundown, a lantern-lit driveway lead us to a magical scene of magenta skies and collapsing waves, interrupted by the silhouettes of a thatched beach bar and swaying palms. Secluded and calming, yet alive with the vibrancy of a remote village, it had a rhythm all of its own. 

Luggage whisked away, welcome cocktails in hand, sipped from hanging chairs and after a brief check-in, we were on our way to our private hale. Whirled past a painterly backdrop of oceanfront bungalows scattered in small village-like crescents, an ambiently lit restaurant and sprawling lawns, we were given a quick run down of the property, to prelude tomorrow’s wedding venue tour. Dissolving awkward resort tour formalities with genuine conversation and passion for the island, our native Hawaiian host and driver embodied the soulfulness and authenticity that spilled from Kona Village. 

Moving through a small maze of sand paths that join the village, we arrived at our lagoon suite – a beautiful-one bedroom kauhale perfumed by timber with a sprawling lanai and freestanding bath that begged us to retreat for the night.  Wanting to soak up every moment during our fleeting two-night stay, we headed for signature cocktails, followed by a sea-to-table dinner to the sound of lapping waves, in the heart of Kona Village – Moana restaurant. 

hawaii wedding venues

As morning light drenched the hale, we pulled back curtains to reveal a serene lagoon with gliding ducks and glowing reeds, sipping coffee in silence broken only by nature’s stirrings, rising with the sun. Riding bicycles through winding paths to breakfast, we sat in awe of the canvas in front of us. A palette of molten lava and jeweled seas had us dreaming up editorial shoots and destination wedding styling that needed to unfold here. Both earthen and otherworldly, its rawness and magical ambience is pure poetry. 

Heading off to tour the venue options, our minds were stretched by the infinite possibilities that exist to hold a wedding or event here. Embodying the true sense of its name, the property consists of tiny villages against boasting volcanic black sand beaches that border lush, expansive lawns, dreamy infinity pools, and private coves dotted with hales for guests. Spoiled with choice, each separate village booked gives you complete seclusion and privacy without needing to do an entire buyout of the resort, unless, of course, you choose to. With a myriad of boldly contrasting, hidden spaces that stitch together to create this iconic resort, you get to orchestrate the experience for guests, revealing an element of surprise with every twist and turn of this iconic hideaway.

hawaii wedding venues

hawaii wedding venues

hawaii wedding venues

The Magic

The Palette & Styling Possibilities

A stylist’s dream location, Kona Village is a textural canvas of molten volcanic stone, blackened sand beaches and unbleached timber contrasted with piercing jewel toned seas, glittering metallic water at sunset, and warm ambient lighting. The styling possibilities are infinite, and we’re desperate to get our hands on this place (for longer than two nights next time!) to bring something magical to life. 


The Storied Past

An iconic 1960’s destination that spills with story and soul, Kona Village holds an energy that really stays with you. A place that feels like home. As a sacred site that was once devastated by a tsunami, the property has been carefully rebuilt, making sure that the mana renowned to this special part of the world, was protected and a focal part of the design and ethos.  


The Village, Within Villages

Until we did a site tour of Kona Village’s venue spaces, we could never have believed how expansive the property really is. Through clever design, the property takes on an authentic village-like feel, keeping areas hidden and private, always exuding a feeling of absolute seclusion. However, for couples planning a wedding, this gives the best of both worlds, allowing you to book an individual village that feels like a private world of your own, without an entire resort buy-out. 


Asaya Spa

Engulfed in molten lava, this dreamscape of a space is truly the most otherworldly spa experience. Intrinsically tied to nature, Asaya uses local ingredients, open-air treatment rooms with mountainous views, hot and cold plunge pools, a sauna & steam room and suite for pre-bridal preparations. 

“You could come here without knowing the history, and still feel its visceral pulse. Invisible, yet palpable. It’s a beauty that stems from somewhere far deeper than aesthetics.”

The Wedding

The Pre-Wedding Dinner

Celebrate with pre-wedding drinks at sundown at the iconic shipwreck bar, followed by a magical dinner stretched alongside the infinity pool, mirroring surrounding palms and open skies.

The Ceremony

Hold your ceremony barefoot on the volcanic black sand beaches of Kona Village — a backdrop so naturally exquisite it requires little more than scattered ceremony seating to accent the dreamy setting.

The Aperitivo Hour

Watch the sun set over Kona Village’s emerald surrounding sea while serving signature cocktails at Moana pool deck.

The Reception

We love the idea of  creating winding reception tables, organically weaving through the legacy palms of Kīpuka Nanea — a 15,550 square-foot tiered lawn edging the ocean. Focus on ambient lighting, suspending lights and dotting tables with hundreds of candles to create a magical centrepiece.

hawaii wedding venues

hawaii wedding venues

For more information & to book your wedding or event, visit the Kona Village website.




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