A Night of Revelry in Tuscany

An evening of revelry in Tuscany, celebrating The Lane’s upcoming Destination Wedding and Travel Guide at Castello di Celsa.

tuscany wedding venues

A night of revelry unfolded within the walls of 13th century Castello di Celsa near Siena, celebrating our destination wedding and travel guide to Tuscany, launching soon. A collision of wildly talented creative minds. A forging of deep connections. A moment to pause. To dream. To indulge in the potent beauty of Tuscany, as spring segues into summer.

A location that spilled with poetry in every corner, Castello di Celsa marked the start of our journey through Tuscany to cover an edit of the most iconic and boutique venues, while exploring the meandering paths and hidden pockets to design a destination wedding itinerary for guests. Bringing together the most talented creatives in the region, it was an evening of indulgence with those who usually work behind the scenes, to curate magic for others.

tuscany wedding venues

tuscany wedding venues

tuscany wedding venues

“A collision of wildly talented creative minds. A forging of deep connections. A moment to pause. To dream. To indulge in the potent beauty of Tuscany, as spring segues into summer.”

A dramatic winding table meandered through the center of Castello di Celsa’s angular courtyard bringing fluidity to the ancient poetry of the space. Inspired by the Tuscan region and the art of European dining, the table setting radiated in inimitable beauty, layered with texture, color, and depth.

Creating a luxuriously abundant table feast, sculptural accents in deep wine hues were contrasted with notes of chestnut. Raw, vibrant fruits and vegetables in deep aubergine tones cascaded. Balanced by architectural wheels of cheese, flatbreads and breads were masterfully fragmented.

Styled into a culinary work of art Roland’s brought our vision to life creating a tablescape dotted with sculptural reverie. A rhythmic display of small, refined, artful bites. A culmination of shapes and textures into a beautifully tonal Eton mess.

tuscany wedding venues

tuscany wedding venues

Unfolding in decadence, rich fabrics stood against the majesty of timeworn stone and brick walls. Sculptural fabrications and billowing silks were knotted and tied in oversized proportions by artist Mia Sylvia, transforming the main serpentine tablescape and event space.

Ceramic vessels by Parisian artist Morgane Pasqualini rose amidst rich textiles, poetically grounding the display in organic undulating contours. Voluminous and abundant blooms heaped and spilled from the tablescape, crafted by Fluida Design.

Spilling over the castle walls, magical lighting by Namida Events draped over the courtyard casting a dramatic glow.

tuscany wedding venues

tuscany wedding venues

tuscany wedding venues

Ethereal pieces of reimagined tablecloths in light-as-air tulle and pleated fabric, from Lune 1860’s Tableau Collection, were scattered around in single circular settings, extending the canvas beyond the center.

Evening elegance unraveled through touches of silver, and artisanal glassware by Sophie Lou Jacobsen. Long and dramatically standing tapered candles by Kunstindustrien adorned the poetic corners, while pillar candles were thoughtfully placed throughout the event space.

tuscany wedding venues

tuscany wedding venues

Infused with a sense of both poetry and craftsmanship, Acqua & Ink’s dreamy invitations, encapsulated the evening’s ethereal opulence.

The breathtaking alchemy of bringing together the most visionary creatives, was overseen by Tuscan wedding planner, Laura Bravi.

The Lane’s vision for an intimate cocktail event was scripted collectively into a pulsing work of art.

tuscany wedding venues

The Culinary Experience

Intrinsic to moments shared and conversation that linger, guests indulged in a decadent feast brought to life by the culinary expertise of Roland’s.

In an opulent display,  flavorful local cheeses, artisanal hams, seasonal vegetables and richly toned fruits stirred the palate accompanied by Santa Margherita’s aromatic Prosecco and refreshing Pinot Grigio.

Full-bodied flavors such as salt cod, mozzarella cheesecake, beetroot mousse, and aubergine were balanced by a scented Sangiovese – Brunello di Montalcino, a dry red with an earthy yet aromatic presence.

Drawing on Italy’s herbal heritage, an Amaro rich in juniper, myrtle, bergamot, and mint was mixed with the quality of Chronicles’ Italian Dry Gin.

Fleeting yet unforgettable, an alchemy of ingredients evoked taste, texture, and the simple, a shared experience to indulge and delight.

tuscany wedding venues

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Our Partners

Creative Director / Karissa Dalton @ The Lane Creative Agency

Art Direction / Gabby Clegg @ The Lane Creative Agency

Production / Millie Jackson @ The Lane Creative Agency

Photography / Jennifer Steinglen & ZONZO

Videography / Luã Araújo

Travel Writer / Emilie Miller

Venue / Castello di Celsa

Set Design & Styling / Omer Gilony

Styling Assistant / Danielle McGhie @ The Lane Creative Agency

Coordination / Laura Bravi

Catering / Roland’s

Florist / Fluida Design

Textile Artist & Fabric Installations / Mia Sylvia

Lighting / Namida Events

Furniture / Preludio Divisione Noleggio

Ceramics / Morgane Pasqualini

Red Wine / Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino

White Wine & Prosecco / Santa Margherita Wines

Gin / Chronicles

Glassware / Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Candles / Kunstindustrien

Tableaus / Lune 1860

Invitations / Acqua & Ink



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