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Ethereal Beauty

The how-to guide for ethereal, undone bridal beauty with wedding hair and makeup artist, Brittany Mason

A masterful balance of decadent gowns contrasted with loosely undone hair and glowing skin for a look of effortless bridal ethereality. Wedding hair and makeup artist Brittany Mason takes us step-by-step on how to create two easy undone hair styles and a glowing beauty look to take you from ceremony to reception.

The Half-Up Knot

A perfect style for the bride seeking to elevate a simplistic gown or add a modern edge to a more classic or decadent look, the half-up knot is an easy style for brides to achieve themselves come wedding day.

Starting with clean, dry hair, spritz hair evenly with Mr Smith Sea Salt spray and blow dry while crunching with fingertips to add texture. Using an iron, create a wave, starting a few inches from the root, and alternating the direction of the waves to give movement and an ‘undone’ look. Comb out the waves with a wide tooth comb, and lightly spray with Evo Hair Haze styling powder for a slight lift at the roots.

Taking two pieces of hair from just above the ears, pull to the centre back of the scalp, knotting twice into a loose, undone style, allowing strands to softly fall from the knot. Add pins and spray again with Mr Smith Hairspray to secure and hold. Style with a hair clip or barrette if desired. 

Anna Quan top, model’s own earrings.

The Undone Knot

For a second more casual look come reception or after party, pull hair into a low loose ponytail, secure with a small clear elastic and cover with a thick lock of hair to hide and pin to hold. Divide the remaining ponytail into two sections and tie into a thick knot, adding pins from the back and spray with Mr Smith Hairspray to hold in place. Add an undone effect by crunching small sections of the hair and knot to create texture and an effortless appeal.

Glowing Beauty

Before applying any makeup, take the time to prep your skin by cleansing, moisturising and priming to ensure you have a well hydrated and even base to build off, and to help your beauty look last throughout the day.

Using your fingers, press in Giorgio Armani Luminous foundation, working from the centre of the face, out and lightly apply Nars Radiant Creamy concealer under the eyes, around the creases of the nose and over any redness. Apply Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick cream blush in Moon Beach on the apple of the cheeks and Mecca Enlightened Lit From Within Illuminating balm to the top of the cheek bone up to your temples, the tip of the nose, inner corner of the eye and a little on the chin. Keep eyes simple with a sweep of RMS Beauty Swift eyeshadow in Garden Rose. Curl lashes for a bit of lift and sweep with Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara. To finish, brush up brows with Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows brush and dab Mecca Cosmetica Tinted Lip De-Luscious balm to the lips and pucker for natural color.




Photography / Lauren Schulz Visuals

Fashion / Emma Westblade @ The Lane

Hair & Makeup / Brittany Mason

Model / Verena Koerner @ Priscillas



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