Unique Table Configurations

Five unique table configurations to consider when planning your wedding reception

When it comes to the wedding reception, deciding on your seating plan can be one of the most stressful parts of the planning process. Questions like where to sit family, friends and partners are all decisions you need to work through.

Enter the aspect of dynamic table configurations, a concept where you mix round tables with rectangle, long tables with short and horizontal tables with vertical. Not only does a table configuration direct the flow of energy and conversation throughout the room, it can be one of the most imposing ways to set the mood and style at your wedding reception.

With this in mind we break down 5 unique wedding reception layouts, including where they work best and what considerations to keep in mind.

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Katie Harmsworth

U Shape

U shape dining is a luxury layout available to those who have a large space to work with. The unique table layout can be planned with guests sitting both single or double sides of the table.


Why We Love It

A unique and visually intriguing layout creating a dramatic reaction best witnessed in locations with vast amounts of space or uninterrupted views. The space available inside the table perimeter provides the ideal location for your dance floor, lounge area or beautifully styled food and grazing stations.


What To Consider

This layout is best suited to a guest list of up to 100 people. Any larger and you begin to lose the intimacy of your event.

Cinzia Bruschini

Kreative Weddings

Single Long Table

There is nothing more dramatic and striking in appearance than a single length dining table at your wedding reception.


Why We Love It

Visually this table layout will reap you the most rewards when it comes to showcasing your table styling and flowers. Best showcased in a space of baron beauty, or hiding in the hills of tuscany is where these striking length layouts will impress.


What To Consider

Consider the length required to seat your guests, the single length table setting is ideally suited to wedding receptions parties of 100 people or less. To calculate the amount of table length required allow no less than 50cm per guest per side of the table.

Cinzia Bruschini

Rounds & Rectangles

Mixing round tables with long is one of the simplest ways to change up the traditional room layout along with offering more flexibility in terms of table size, direction and placement.


Why We Love It

Great for venues that pose unique shapes and layouts, where you can place long tables in narrow spaces and round tables where wide or square. With the different shapes comes the option to style the centrepieces differently also, offering you the chance to mix it up a little in terms of flowers and centrepiece heights etc.


What To Consider

An extremely flexible layout that offers the best of both worlds, however when not planned correctly, the dynamic shapes could leave the room feeling a little cluttered. To avoid this, ensure you plan the tables with the width and flow of the room along with keeping a sense of symmetry and order to ensure the overall appearance of the room feels intentional.

Zoe Morley

Long Lengths

If the option of a single length of dining doesn’t work with your guest numbers or venue the next best choice is several long lengths.


Why We Love It

Visually this option ticks all the boxes, being both practical and pleasing. The layout works best when placed vertical to the entrance point of your room, ideally also running parallel with the longest length of your room/ space.


What To Consider

Consider running table lengths in odd numbers (such as 3 tables or 5 etc) with the centre table falling in symmetry under the centre point of the room. This centre table then becomes a great place for you and your bridal party, as well as an opportunity to display a cascading overhead floral and lighting installation.

Giuseppe Marano

Mixed Layout

For a ‘grown up’ modern wedding reception, break away from the traditions and design a reception configuration that suits your style and guest list. Mix chairs, bench seats and unique configurations to put together a balanced and relaxed, informal reception seating plan.


Why We Love It

Whether it be an odd shaped room that you’e working with, or simply wish to accommodate guests by seating larger groups on the same table, a mixed layout approach is now widely welcome for any wedding event. Ditch the idea of having to seat tables of 10 in rows of absolute symmetry and opt for a casually appealing floor plan that mixes it up on all fronts, remaining truly authentic to you and your guests.


What To Consider

Whilst the idea here is to break all the rules, ensure its produced with an intentional and eye pleasing manner. Allow adequate room for guests and waitstaff to move about between the tables, playing close attention to high traffic areas such as the bathrooms, entrance and exit points. In an open plan setting mix a layout to your liking whilst keeping the tables within close proximity to each other to keep the nights atmosphere alive.


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