Poetic and Rambling Beauty

A meandering wedding aisle with whimsical wildflowers, and a reception that was reminiscent of a hospitable living room created an understated and potently poetic wedding in Sonoma, California.

Mimicking the rambling beauty of overgrown gardens, a meandering wedding aisle with whimsical wildflowers unfolded at a private estate in the Sonoma County of California. Ceremony florals were chosen to be used and planted after the wedding, guiding designers to select varietals that spilled harmoniously into the existing landscape. Pink and purple blooms dissolved into tan grasses, while light fog unexpectedly set a dramatic ambiance in the meadow setting. From a sound alchemist to timing the dinner lighting to reflect the colors of the sunset, the poetic wedding was led by elements that felt authentic to the marrying couple.

For the reception, thick, draping fabric and layered lighting made a modern space feel like a hospitable living room interior rather than a traditional event. Diagonal fabric panels and sunken tablescapes accented by natural trees as centerpieces were ideated by Candice Edinger, the planner and stylist.

The wedding was beautifully captured by M.K. Sadler.

Emily & Patrick

wedding aisle decor

“The ceremony florals were chosen to be used and planted after the wedding so the floral designers made sure to select varietals that went with the design but also made sense with the existing landscape of the estate.”

wedding aisle decor

wedding aisle decor

wedding aisle decor

“It was a modern approach with naturalistic elements. We used empty land areas for the ceremony and completely built the reception tent from the ground up.”

wedding aisle decor

Candice’s Styling Tips

  • Lighting and draping make a big impact in creating unique designs and elevating a space.
  • With tabletop and other design elements, it doesn’t need to be overdone but it should still feel intentional.
  • To create hospitable interiors instead of event inspired, add styling elements that you would find in your living room or a hotel lobby, like coffee table books, (especially ones related to the location or event design), trays, comfortable sofás, etc. 
wedding aisle decor

Photography / M.K. Sadler

Styling & Planner / Candice Edinger Events & Design

Location / Private Estate

Flowers / Studio Mondine

Videographer / Lovebrain Films

Table / Table Method

Chairs & Rentals / Found Rental Co.

Lighting / Lighten Up

Catering / Jessica Lasky Catering

Entertainment / Dart Collective



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