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A Wedding Inside a World Heritage Roman Basilica

Photography by Daniele & Marilia.

Federico and Carolina’s Rome wedding was an orchestra of architecture and light. The couple were married inside Rome’s symbolic Basilica of San Vitale. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, the dramatically ornate 6th-century church was styled with crystal chandeliers atop transparent plinths while the dark aisle glowed in warm light with flickering candles. Resembling the softness of snow, delicate white and pastel floral installations were crafted by Federica Ambrosini inside the melodic space.

The luminous and decadent reception dinner was built inside a glass room at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni museum. Lending an element of fluidity between light and form, the use of curved table shapes added to the captivating ambiance. Transparent and mirrored surfaces bounced light around the iridescent space with a canopy of stars wrapping around the room.

Daniele & Marilia masterfully immortalized the magical moments of Federico & Carolina’s Rome wedding.

A Wedding Inside a World Heritage Roman Basilica

A Wedding Inside a World Heritage Roman Basilica

Our Story

Names / Federico & Carolina

Location / Rome, Italy

Wedding Date / December 10th, 2022

Guest Numbers / 150

Budget / $100,000

A Wedding Inside a World Heritage Roman Basilica

How We Met

We met in a library almost 9 years ago. It wasn’t love at first sight but we began dating and just living in the moment. Date after date we found out that we were made for each other.


Our Engagement Story

It was a big surprise for me because it was just few days after Christmas, so I didn’t except anything at all. He guided me through a treasure hunt in Rome and took me through the spots that most have meaning for us. The last spot was a fish shop because during our first date we had a joke and he had said, “If I ever propose to you I will do it in this fish shop.” Eight years later he still remembered it.


What we love most about each other…

What we love most about each other is the fact that we are not just husband and wife, we really are best friends. There is not a day where we don’t laugh until our stomach hurts. We support each other in the good and in the bad since the day we met. We are not only married, but we are also best friends and a couple that still loves going out for a date. I always say we are lovers that still feel butterflies in our stomachs while kissing…

The Setting


Wedding Location

Everything about our wedding had an architectural and glamorous feel to it, especially given the ceremony was held inside a world heritage Roman basilica. The reception location was a glassed-in cube inside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni museum in the heart of Rome. The common thread of the event was lights and crystal.

“Upon entering the church, the atmosphere was almost surreal – the nave was decorated with transparent structures and chandeliers made of precious crystals.”


The evocative and poetic images of our wedding were captured by studio Daniele & Marilia. We requested very editorial and fashionable photos in the illuminated streets of Rome.



The same style was captured by the incredible Giuseppe Piserchia, who managed to give our video a fashionable look almost as if it were a commercial.

A Wedding Inside a World Heritage Roman Basilica

A Wedding Inside a World Heritage Roman Basilica

Style Notes


Ceremony Décor

We said “yes” at the extraordinary Basilica di San Vitale, located in one of the city’s most central streets of Rome. Upon entering the church, the atmosphere was almost surreal – the nave was decorated with transparent structures and chandeliers made of precious crystals. The flowers in soft and delicate colors were reminiscent of snow. The floral decorations were taken care of by the skilled hands of Federica Ambrosini.


Reception Décor

What made this event even more authentic were the entirely personalized floral decorations; small plexiglass bases ran along all the tables. From these bases, sprouted gold and ivory flowers that gave the feel that they had germinated from the table.


Nico Celano helped us with sound and lighting making our whole idea come alive.

Wedding Inside a Roman Basilica

Wedding Planner & Stylist

I had a vision in mind, a chic and classy Christmas season wedding inside a Roman basilica. I wanted a lot of lights and candles to add to the romanticism. The wedding planner was the first supplier I chose. When I met Giulia, I immediately understood she had the same chic and classy taste as I wanted. She made our dream wedding come true. Thanks to her, our wedding was a fairy-tale that we will always remember as the best day of our lives.



My bouquet was made with light-colored flowers. It looked like it was snowy and was very romantic. We matched the same flowers to the Roman basilica. Whereas for the reception, we chose only baby’s-breaths which were made especially for us in the colors of ivory and gold.


Our invitations and all other paper elements were designed for us by our wedding planner. However, the invitations then were made by Francesca of The Light Factory in plexiglass and transparent paper. The transparent element was one of the main themes of our wedding, starting from the location to the decorations in the church, to most of the elements of the stationery. Our other decorations, were produced by Nostro Inchostro with graphics created by Giulia, our planner.



Our cake was entirely white with only floral decorations at the base made with metallic-colored flowers and candles around the whole table.


Food & Drinks

Providing food and drinks was Le Voila Banqueting, whose experience and creativity made the evening unforgettable by preparing impeccable dishes. The welcome cocktail was served by passing waiters. Then, once seated at the table, we had an entrée, two first courses and a second course. To conclude, we cut the cake at the table and ended the party with a buffet of small pastries.

“The reception location was a glassed-in cube inside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni museum in the heart of Rome. The common thread of the event was lights and crystal.”

Wedding Inside a Roman Basilica

Fashion & Beauty Notes


Bride’s Dress & Shoes

My shoes were from Jimmy Choo. They certainly went with the aesthetic with their silver and glittery fringe. My dress, on the other hand, was by Rosa Clara and was studded with tiny tone-on-tone beads. In the front it had a round neckline while in the back it had a deep neckline that left the back completely open.


Hair & Makeup

My make-up was taken care of by Sara Mastropietro. She has been my make-up artist of choice for many, many years. Additionally, I have an incredible harmonious connection with her. For the wedding we chose a very natural look to enhance my shimmering gown. Similarly, the hair was left semi-loose and wavy. The hair was by Antonio Avallone.

Wedding Inside a Roman Basilica

Wedding Inside a Roman Basilica

The Details



For our honeymoon we are going to Australia and we will be there for 1 month traveling all around the country.



For entertainment, we chose classical entertainment for the ceremony: violin, cello and soprano. Subsequently, when planning the party, we chose lounge music for aperitivo. Afterwards, there was a piano bar during the whole dinner with Italian revival music that dragged everyone to the dance floor. Finally, for the party we had a DJ until late night. There was no shortage of hints of Christmas among the songs chosen for the evening.

Wedding Inside a Roman Basilica

Our Advice


Sources of inspiration…

Everything on Pinterest and everything from my unique wedding planner.

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Esposizioni

Wedding Stylist & Planner / Moments Lab

Photography / Daniele & Marilia

Videography / Giuseppe Piserchia

Bride’s Dress / Rosa Clara

Bride’s Shoes / Jimmy Choo

Hair & Makeup / Sara Mastropietro

Stationery / The Lights Factory

Florist / Federica Ambrosini

Catering Le Voila Banqueting

Entertainment /  Evente e Feste Italia


Bridesmaids & Wedding Guests

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