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An Ethereal Wedding in Alicante, Spain

Photography by Pablo Laguia.

Amidst an ethereally grand, dripping marquee of fairy lights, Angela and Javi infused their 18th century Alicante farmhouse with otherworldly visuals and timeless beauty.

Embraced by olive trees, fluttering palms, and the time-worn stones of Casa Benigalip, Angela and Javi held a dreamy wedding. Inspired by sea and sun, the bride designed each element of her wedding ceremony and wedding reception to echo the elegance and simplicity of coastal life. Every detail from the tumbling installments of soft white blooms, to the golden sun detailing on the wedding stationery came together to mirror the surrounding rambling gardens.

The intimate wedding was artfully captured by Pablo Laguia.

weddings in spain

weddings in spain

Our Story

Names / Angela & Javier

Location / Pego, Alicante, Spain

Wedding Date / July 1st, 2023

Guest Numbers / 247

weddings in spain

weddings in spain

How We Met

Being from the same city, we didn’t know each other until one day, as we like to say, fate brought us together. Javi saw a photo of me on social media, and since we had friends in common, he was interested in meeting me. From the day we met, we haven’t stopped talking. It may sound cliché, but it was love at first sight. Today, we are happily married and have shared many adventures and trips together.

Our Engagement Story

Our engagement story was like something out of a movie. After traveling for two weeks—first to Dubai and then to the Maldives—we spent three days in paradise.

Javi arranged a romantic dinner with the help of the resort. There were candles, petals in the sand, my favorite food, and a bouquet of red roses. At that moment, I began to suspect that he wanted it to be a very special occasion. Then he read me a letter and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe it. There we were—the love of my life and I—on a deserted beach, with the sound of the waves and a huge, beautiful full moon. It was truly magical! An unforgettable moment when we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.

weddings in spain

weddings in spain

The Setting


Wedding Location

We chose Casa Benigalip in Pego, Alicante, an old 18th-century farmhouse, as the perfect place to celebrate our day. What we loved most was the style of the house, with its stunning gardens and natural surroundings.


We love the sea and nature, and we wanted to recreate that atmosphere on our wedding day—white and simple flowers, yet elegant, created by El Jardin del Cabo, and lots of light. My dream was to dine under a starry sky, which we achieved with the wedding lighting. We also incorporated a touch of Mediterranean style, reflecting our love for the place where we live.


As our ceremony was in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to spend the whole morning with our loved ones. The day before we had a small celebration with the people closest to us, in a restaurant by the beach, with live wedding music and good wedding food.

That night we decided to sleep together and stayed in a hotel near the beach. The next day we got up very early, probably because of nerves, and we went for a walk on the beach, we even went for a swim. We felt very fortunate to be able to start the day together and in the sea. The sun was brightly shining.

Then we separated, Javi went back to the hotel and I went to the finca where we were celebrating the wedding. There I met with the women of the family, my mother, my sister, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, for a hair and make-up session, sharing those moments with them was very nice. Then I changed with the help of my mother and sister and then my friends arrived to see me before the ceremony, it was one of the most emotional moments. Javi arrived separately and changed in another room.

We didn’t see each other until the ceremony, seeing him at the end of the altar made me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

weddings in spain

weddings in spain


For photography, we were fortunate to have one of the best wedding photographers, Pablo Laguia. We loved his style and professionalism, and the results could not have been better.


Life brought Ivan and Angela from Unique Weddings into our path, and it was incredible to have them create the film of one of the best days of our lives. We had the pleasure of doing a photo and video session before the wedding in Fuerteventura. There, we spent unforgettable days together, feeling at home from the first moment we met. Meeting them again on the wedding day was like seeing good friends, so everything flowed naturally. The result was incredible wedding videography. We always say that it was our own wedding gift. Now we consider them very special friends for everything we shared.


weddings in spain

“We were looking for simplicity, without losing elegance and our inspiration was the sea.”

Style Notes

Wedding Planner & Stylist

The first and happiest decision we made was to hire Paloma Cruz as our wedding planner. They guided us through the entire process to create the wedding we had always dreamed of. We look back on everything with great enthusiasm. Paloma and Eugenio made everything easy. It was the happiest day of our lives, shared with the people we love most. We will always be grateful to everyone who made it possible.

weddings in spain

weddings in spain


The wedding stationery was designed and handmade on paper, one by one by Lucía from De Pluma y Letras.

We were looking for simplicity, without losing elegance and our inspiration was the sea. In the end, we got the invitation of our dreams. We used white handmade paper, with golden touches symbolizing the seashore and as a logo a sun, symbolizing the sunset that we love so much.

weddings in spain

weddings in spain

“Every detail from the tumbling installments of soft white blooms, to the golden sun detailing on the stationery came together to mirror the surrounding rambling gardens.”

weddings in spain

weddings in spain

Fashion & Beauty Notes

Wedding Rings, Jewelry & Accessories

The rings were designed and handcrafted in a small jewellery shop where Ana from Small Branch personalized every detail. Javi had already counted on her for the creation of the unique engagement ring.

For the ceremony I wore a piece of wedding jewelry that my grandmother lent me. Its shape symbolised a sun and it couldn’t have been more perfect. For the dinner I wore a personalised handmade tiara made by Diana Martins, a small artisan studio in Portugal, made of handmade porcelain flowers.

weddings in spain

weddings in spain

The Details


Since we love adventure and traveling, we decided to spend the first part of the honeymoon exploring Namibia. It was an almost 3000km road trip where we discovered an amazing country, encountered African animals, explored unique landscapes, and stayed at dream resorts.

Then we returned home because we had some work commitments to finally finish the honeymoon spending a week in French Polynesia, never forget the color of the water and how special these islands are.

weddings in spain

weddings in spain

 “My dream was to dine under a starry sky – a grand marquee dripping in fairy lights did just that.”

Wedding Songs

This was one of the most fun parts, we spent weeks searching for the perfect song for each moment and found them. Jack and Daisy made it possible by singing them live during the ceremony. Months go by and we are still listening to them, they bring back so many good memories. Our favourite for the vows was Dreams by Imaginary Future and for our first dance we chose Yellow by Coldplay.



At cocktail time we had a live wedding band singing traditional songs, which everyone knew. We didn’t stop singing and dancing from the beginning. For the dinner and the party we had Quike AV, it was one of the best decisions we made. Following our musical tastes, he adapted to every moment and everyone enjoyed it very much. The guests couldn’t stop jumping, dancing and smiling, we had a great time.



The ceremony was performed by one of my friends, we didn’t like the idea of a stranger speaking on such a special day. It was a simple ceremony, with a Hawaiian feel, in which we remembered our love story and our way of understanding life. Two of our best friends and our respective sisters also spoke, it was very emotional. Finally, we read our vows to each other and as a symbol of our commitment we put a flower necklace on each other instead of the traditional ring.

weddings in spain

Our Advice


A memorable moment…

Our favorite moment was the dinner, the ceremony was over, we were seated, with our family and surrounded by our loved ones. Seeing them all gathered under the lights was very special.

One thing I wish I knew before I started my wedding plans…

Time goes by very quickly, everything you have been planning for months passes in a few hours or even minutes. Our advice is to try to live in the moment and enjoy every second consciously. At some point during the day take your partner by the hand and remember that you are living probably the best day of your life so far, stop for a few minutes to savour it and continue with the party.

weddings in spain

Our Contacts


Wedding Venue / Casa Benigalip

Wedding Stylist & Planner / Paloma Cruz

Photography / Pablo Laguia

Videography / Unique Weddings

Bride’s Dress / Lorena Formoso

Bride’s Shoes / Lola Cruz

Groom / Lander Urquijo

Wedding Rings / Small Branch

Jewelry / Studio Diana Martins

Hair & Makeup / Javier Mas Peluqueros

Stationery / De Pluma y Letras

Florist / El Jardin del Cabo

Cake / Caperucita Cupcakes

Catering / Miguel Marti Gastronomia

Lightning / The Light Team Ledilux

Rentals / Alquileres Kava

Live Music / La Re-Pera Music & Jack and Daisy

Sound & DJ / Quike AV

Entertainment / Acusticox



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