5 Photo Booth Alternatives

Re-imagined backdrops for inspired photo booth alternatives

Plan a space for candid images to unfold, by reimagining event photo booths through a more creative, elegant lens. Forgo novelty props and wedding cliches and dream up a creative backdrop to suit the mood and aesthetic of your event. Here are our top 5 alternatives…


Floral Installations

For decadent backdrops akin to fashion shows – conceal a textured wall with boldly sprawling blooms, suspend decadent clouds of hydrangea or petite stems from ceilings to create artful installations.


Wallpaper Murals

Create a mood of opulence with decadent floral wallpaper in dark, moody hues. Try the beautiful work of artist Ashley Woodford Bailey


Time-Worn Patinas

Look for color variations within timeworn facades, moss concealed walls, inner courtyards and peripheral surfaces for a beautifully textured backdrop.

Flower Markets

Draw inspiration from fresh floral market stalls and style a space spilling with blooms for guests to handpick, pin to their outfits or weave as garlands, and take home on departure.


Exposed Festoon Lighting

Suspend festoons lights in the shadowed corners of an industrial space, and have your photos taken within the surrounding spectacle of suspended stars.



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