Abandoned Elegance

Romanced by timeworn facades and weathered patinas, we’re dreaming of celebrations held in forgotten spaces

For a celebration of enduring romance, we’re imagining the venue possibilities that lie in historic, abandoned buildings. Think ancient deserted structures, hidden places of seclusion gradually being reclaimed by nature. A testament to the cycle of life and love itself, we adore structures built to last, resisting a constant desire to rebuild and refresh.

Romanced by timeworn facades and weather-beaten patinas, we’re dreaming of far-off journeys spent uncovering forgotten spaces with moss-covered walls and fields spilling with wildflowers. If looking for options closer to home, search for abandoned warehouses in city suburbs, ancient chapels, and restored antique buildings with old-world charm.

Photography by Katie Harmsworth

To style an abandoned space, let the beauty of the location remain the focal point with minimalist decor. Play with transparency using ghost chairs, soften an industrial space with climbing blooms or paint corners of a room with piles of roses. Draw from the venues timeworn surfaces and use layered textures to style tablescapes – think raw edge linens, hand dyed silks and imperfectly shaped ceramics.

The key is in contrast – so balance a dilapidated space with elegance using luxurious pieces – crystal cut glassware, gilded flatware, candelabra and decadent scents. Finish by bringing warmth to the space with ambient lighting – suspended festoon lights, chandeliers and hundreds of candles strewn across tables and in corners of a room.

Cinzia Bruschini



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